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Jocelyn P.
on 4/17/11 10:16 pm - San Antonio, TX
Hi all...
I need help detoxing from carbs. Been stuck for several weeks at the same weight. Started tracking what I eat and i've introduced too many carbs. No bread, pasta, rice, potatoes....but my weakness is wheatthins and graham crackers!  I eat fruit too and get some carbs from that.

Somehow when I started my pre op diet I was able to basically eliminate carbs. But that was a long time ago and I dont remember what I did or how i was able to do it. Please, does any one have any ideas how I can break my habit of crackers!? I keep them in the house because my kids need snacks at school and they're conveninent for them to take.
Thank you, thank you!

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Marie B.
on 4/17/11 10:34 pm, edited 4/17/11 10:36 pm - Pitman, NJ
VSG on 09/20/10 with
The carb monster is real.  We're like drug addicts when it comes to carbs.  My best advise would be to tough it up for a few days.  Preplan what you are going to eat each day, write it down.  Track EVERYTHING as soon as you eat it.  There's a great tracking program on this site.  Go to Tools then nutrition.  Don't kid yourself or lie to yourself.  Come up with a different snack for school kids if you must.  Maybe prepacked snacks, so you'd have to break into one if you were tempted.  And fruits, well, they have lots of carbs too, limit them as well.  I'm almost 7 months out and am still very cautious about fruit.  Try snacks of green veggies instead.  The good news is, once you've detoxed, it will get easier.  Remember, this is the golden moment with your sleeve, now is when you will lose the most weight if you follow the program.  Best wishes to you!
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Jocelyn P.
on 4/18/11 5:48 am - San Antonio, TX
You're so right about the addiction thing. I knew I was a carb addict going into this. But I guess I didn't realize how bad till now.
I NEED NEED NEED to get with the program if I want to see goal!
Thanks for your insight!

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on 4/17/11 10:35 pm
Can you replace the crackers with foods that are not crackers, and that are just for you? Such as pork rinds, beef jerky, cheese sticks. That's the only thing that keeps me out of the proverbial cookie jar of carby junk.

If you really want to carb detox, the 5 day pouch test seems to work for a lot of people.

Below you will find a brief list of the menu for each day. Please click the "Read more" links for further detail and hints and tips that will enable your success with the 5 Day Pouch Test.

Days One & Two: Liquid Protein
low-carb protein shakes, broth, clear or cream soups, sugar-free gelatin and pudding. Read more.

Day 3: Soft Protein
canned fish (tuna or salmon) eggs, fresh soft fish (tilapia, sole, orange roughy. Read more.

Day 4: Firm Protein
ground meat (turkey, beef, chicken, lamb), shellfish, scallops, lobster, fresh salmon or halibut. Read more.

Day 5: Solid Protein
white meat poultry, beef steak, pork, lamb, wild game
Read more.

I personally won't ever go back to liquid proteins even to detox or for 1 day. I'll just protein load, and skip everything that isn't protein based. I know that it's easy for some of us to say "we just won't eat the stuff", but it takes a conscious effort on my part to make the best choice. It's the only thing I can rely on for my continued success long term.
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Jocelyn P.
on 4/18/11 5:46 am - San Antonio, TX
Thank you for the pouch test info. I think that is what I need to do to get back on track. 

And congrats on your pregnancy!

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It's never too late to be who you might have been. ~George Eliot  



Marie B.
on 4/18/11 6:18 am - Pitman, NJ
VSG on 09/20/10 with
AWWWW, beautiful baby!!!!!
Highest weight ever recorded: 224lbs.    Surgery weight: 194 lbs.
Goal range:  130-135 lbs.
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on 4/17/11 10:51 pm - ALTOONA, PA
  VSG 2/10/11                                             DR. ALVAREZ-MY HERO
on 4/17/11 10:59 pm
I'm 3ish weeks in to atkins (yet again) in prep for surgery in the coming months... the first 4 days or so SUCK, but it is SO worth it after!

I am in a much better place having powered through... Pork rinds (as NASTY as they are) have saved me when I NEED that salty crunch :-)

The carb monster is SO very real for me too.  I am goging through an TON of stress (seperating from my husband last week at the top of the list) and I have been able to squash my urges for emotional eating thanks to the carb detox... well mostly... when I get munchy I have focused on pickles, pork rinds, atkins granola bars, nuts, even carrots and celery (I know carrots are on the high side of carbs).

For sweets I have done fudgicles (no sugar added) and sf mini york perppermint patties (oh my yummm!!!)... I tried sf pudding which did it for me last time I was good at my low carb life, but it isn't doing it for me this time...

I too have a kiddo to pack lunch for... I have done the prepackaged crackers too, but I still send a littel bowl of cereal (she is in preschool/daycare) so I know the desire to just munch a little very well :-)

Good Luck.... it is worth it! 
on 4/18/11 2:15 am
Hi. I'm so glad you posted. I too am struggling with carbs a bit. Same thing with the snack food I keep in the house for my daughter. A little handful of gold fish crackers won't hurt anything and then I'm stalled. Ugh! I'm going to try the 5 day pouch test and see if it curbs my appetite for carbs. Looking forward to reading all the other replies too, so thanks again for posting!
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