OMG I am ELATED! 100lbs gone!

Melanie B.
on 4/17/11 8:29 am - Medford, NJ
I had my VSG on 11/8 and I hit 100lbs lost since surgery! Wow!!! I am so excited I can't believe it! I just had to share with my OH family! Love you guys!! Pics coming soon...
I am 26, 5'9" and had VSG 11/8/10.
Heather T.
on 4/17/11 8:30 am
Congratulations!  You had surgery on my birthday!  Will be looking for the pictures!
Melanie B.
on 4/17/11 9:45 am - Medford, NJ

250 lbs
I am 26, 5'9" and had VSG 11/8/10.
(deactivated member)
on 4/17/11 10:53 am
That's FANtastic!!!!! Way to go!!!
on 4/17/11 8:35 am - MD
WELCOME TO THE CENTURY CLUB!  Congratulations, you have done a wonderful job and you have given yourself and those who love you a magnificent gift.  Ain't life grand?  Now go out there and stimulate the economy by buying yourself something fun - you've earned it.
sleeve genie
on 4/17/11 8:35 am - Alhambra, CA
WOW!!  fantastic,   good job  what a way to rock that sleeve  :o) Jeani
      the start of my brand new life was on 5/28/10
                      aka  jeaniwantsasleeve!!                  

on 4/17/11 8:36 am - TN
Wow! Very exciting!!



on 4/17/11 8:37 am - Detroit, MI
100 pounds in 6 months, thats amazing!! Congrats and looking forward to seeing pics :)
on 4/17/11 8:45 am - Houston, TX

***Getting to Goal Challenge: -13.9/22.7 July 29th surgiversary**


on 4/17/11 8:49 am - TX
Wow!!! Way to go! That was FAST!!!!!
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