NSV.....This weightloss is a mind trip!

on 4/18/11 1:13 am - CO
Okay, so this morning I wake up and go into my closet to pick out something to wear. I go for a 26/28 pant, but something told me try on a smaller pair. I go for a size 20...they go on, I can button them....but too tight for my taste.

I then get pair of 22's, Liz Clairborn dress slacks that are lined on the inside. These pants are tailored like a glove and I wore them maybe 10 years ago. Well, they fit me PERFECTLY! Yahoo!

Tomorrow I will be one month out and am down 18 pounds post op and 12 pounds pre op....total of 30 pounds gone so far! I can't believe a month has passed already and I'm so glad I can look back and say "wow, those who went before me were right, the difference 4 weeks out, compared to week 1 and 2 is day and night." I honestly feel like my 'ol self....just lighter and happier!
  Lost 12 pounds during pre-op diet
Karen M.
on 4/18/11 1:18 am - Rockwall, TX
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I so agree with you. The first few days are the hardest. I'm 5 weeks out today and for the past week and a half, I have started feeling like "my old self" again too. Keep up the amazing work!

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on 4/18/11 2:49 am - CO
Thanks Karen, best wishes to you too!
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on 4/18/11 5:56 am
Karen you and I had surgery the same day!  Our weight loss is almost the same too! that makes me feel better to know someone else on my same day is about the same as I am in weight loss.  I am still struggling with fatigue tho.  Hopefully not for long.
Kristy R.
on 4/18/11 1:29 am - Santa Clara, CA
 I am three weeks out tomorrow and have lost 30 pounds (15 pre-op).  I can already see my figure emerging again (I guess I am considered a "light weight").  I can't believe it...I want to hang on to this feeling because I know stalls will come.  I hope I can focus on what I have done so far, and not worry about meeting a timeline and just trying to enjoy my success.  Because no matter what, I won't be where I was.  So amazing, I feel very blessed.  Best wishes to you.  Everyone's success stories make me so happy, because we can all relate.  
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on 4/18/11 3:09 am - CO
Congrats on your loss thus far Kristy! Your my sister sleever!
  Lost 12 pounds during pre-op diet
on 4/18/11 2:05 am
Congratulations! Isn't it amazing to try on clothes and have them FIT? Pretty trippy!


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on 4/18/11 3:30 am - CO
Thanks Jen! Yes....tripped is putting is mildly!
  Lost 12 pounds during pre-op diet
on 4/18/11 5:28 am - MI
that is so cool. You have to love these NSV moments.
on 4/18/11 11:37 am - CO
Indeedy! They are amazing!
  Lost 12 pounds during pre-op diet