on 4/19/11 12:09 pm - AZ
Has anyone else at bloating with drinking water?  I can only drink about 3 to 4 ozs and then my stomach is so destended and hurting. I have to stop drinking for like an hour! You can see why it's impossible to get all my fluids in.  Please give me a clue if you know what is wrong.
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on 4/19/11 12:27 pm - CA
Yes!!  I drank two things of isopure today and they went down fine and now I'm trying to get some water in and it's hurting.  I'm trying to make sure I'm sipping it but maybe I'm gulping?  It's the only thing I can think of.
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on 4/19/11 12:30 pm
Are either of you adding anything to your water? Water can feel "hard" to pass to us for a while, it has been suggested to try lemon/lime or Mio or crystal light. I needed Mio at first, then was able to switch to lemon.. still cannot get down more than a few sips of plain- but with this added, I have no issues. Give it a try!
on 4/19/11 12:28 pm - CA
 I still feel like that with plain water. If I add crystal light im fine. Plain water feels horrid!
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on 4/19/11 12:31 pm, edited 4/19/11 12:32 pm
Great minds.. ;) I was typing as you posted this..
on 4/19/11 12:54 pm - AZ
Well - that's interesting. I've tried adding stuff, chystal lite, mio, etc. Since the surgery, my tummy can't handle sugar alcohols from those drinks.  But, I haven't tried just lemon. I could try that. Why would this make a difference?  It seems like its just too much in my stomach. Is that not what it is?
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on 4/19/11 1:09 pm
It may be, but try the lemon or lime and see if that helps.. I'm not a scientist, but others have said it changes the tension of the water, making it easier.. All I know is that I can ge****er that has some lemon in it down, vs plain, which sits like a rock.
on 4/20/11 4:50 am - Nashville, TN
Revision on 03/18/15
3-4 ounces at one time is probably too much. maybe try taking one good swallow every few minutes.  You have to pretty much sip all the time but if you are overfilling with 3-4 ounces and then having to wait an hour ...that is no good. You are better off sipping less at a time more frequently.

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on 4/19/11 1:05 pm - CA
Thanks for the tip. I'll get some crystal light tomorrow. Actually, I found some sugar free stuff in the cabinet but I'm trying to convert quarts to ounces. ha ha ha damn you math!!! 
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on 4/19/11 2:30 pm - CA
I'm almost a month out and plain water doesn't taste weird anymore, but it definitely upsets my stomach when it's weird! I've been squeezing a little lemon in it, but now that tastes weird. (Loved lemon water before surgery.) I guess I'm going to have to break my "no aspartame" rule and get some crystal light. Boo.