Horrible Incision Pain When Coughing?

on 4/22/11 12:32 am
I had surgery Monday, and I've been doing pretty well. I haven't taken pain pills in a few days because I'm not usually in a lot of pain, and also because they don't seem to do much, since my pain is usually short-lived and related to moving wrong or using my stomach muscles. The only real pain that I have is getting out of bed and coughing. Getting out of bed I've solved by having my boyfriend basically pull me out of bed, but with the coughing, I have no idea what to do.

It feels absolutely horrible. It feels like the lower right incision (where they pulled out my excess stomach) is splitting open and my insides are going to fall out of it. I can press a pillow to it, I can hold my hand against it, I can wear an abdominal binder, and nothing helps. I have a call in to my surgeon's office already, but I was hoping you guys might have some ideas.

Is this just something that will happen and I have to deal with it? How long does it happen? Is there anything I can do to help the pain? Please help!

To make things worse, my monthly visitor (which has been gone since November, thanks to an amazing form of birth control) came back today, accompanied by horrible cramping. On the upside, though, I'm at 200.2 pounds this morning, almost to onederland already!
on 4/22/11 12:48 am - OK
Hold a pillow to your tummy when you cough, that will keep it from hurting as bad, it will eventually go away, that is the only pain i had after surgery (only mine was the left side).
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on 4/22/11 6:02 am - OH
VSG on 04/18/11 with
I was sleeved on Monday also.  I have that terrible burning sensation in the far left incision also, but it is starting to get better today.  My biggest problem is spasms in my stomach everytime I take a sip of anything.  Warm tea goes down the best, but I'm having trouble getting in more than 16 ounces per day.    Hang in there.  I'm sure we will both be feeling better soon.
on 4/22/11 11:56 am - NY
I had the same problem with my largest incision which is where they take the stomach out of. I couldnt laugh , cough or sneeze without bad pain. I tried the pillow thing and it didnt really help. I started to take my hand and push into my stomach where the incision was to hold it better and that helped more. It took about 6 weeks before my incision pain went away totally. Good luck, but a sneeze or cough wont make your incisions open. It is just sore and tender right now and it will get better. Good luck on your wl journey