Hadn't thought of THAT!!!

on 4/23/11 5:12 am
Was sharing about how awkward compliments can be, and one of the ladies spoke about getting "looks" from men.

I am 51 years old, have been heavy since my early 20's, and, for various reasons of my husbands, have had a decade of actually sleeping with my husband of nearly 26 years.

Haven't had a "look" in ages, and got freaked the h*&$ out just thinking about it!!

How do you handle that? I can't guess if I'll be angry, frightened, pleased, or just stay confused.
Cheers, and thanks for sharing.
on 4/23/11 6:50 am
I've been receiving a lot of up and down looks from men and under their breaths damn shes fine compliments. Was a little uncomfortable at first since it had been so long, but have just started to embrace it. Why not! I've worked hard to look this way and my husband is very proud of how I look now. So now when I'm around those men, I stand a little straighter and show more pride in my appearance. Feels good to be noticed again and not feel like I need to hide myself because I'm too fat.
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Susan M.
on 4/23/11 6:56 am
 Ha ha! I haven't thought about getting looks from men. I've struggled with weight since my 20s, but haven't had a look from a man since my divorce 18 years ago.  Well, I did date a guy for a couple of years, so maybe he looked! Other than being mid-50ish and overweight, I think I'm rather cute.  I'm thinking it may quite fun to get a look!  As soon as you get a look, let us know what you did.  

Most of all, I hope you enjoy it. And your husband will most likely be proud that his wife is so hot!
Lisa D.
on 4/23/11 10:31 am - New Orleans, LA
I was walking today and a man in a car honk, honked and waved!!  Yahoo!!   Pleased, delighted, ecstatic, overjoyed,  am I leaving some out?  I am almost 51, too.  Keep 'em coming is what I say!!
I am not big boned!  Bones don't jiggle!         
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