Pregnancy after surgery?

on 4/26/11 5:37 am
Okay so I am not planning on getting pregnant anytime soon since I just had my 3rd 8 months ago but I have been getting that itch to have another one.  My husband is leaving for school to start training to be a special agent in the Army so we will not be around each other to make this happen anyways BUT when he gets back I would like to think about letting it go to see if we get pregnant.  How long did all your doctors recommend waiting?  Is it a time limit or until your levels level out?  I was a "lightweight" and I am hoping to hit my goal weight by September.  How long if you did get pregnant afterwards did you wait?  I have always been able to get pregnant within 2 months of letting it go so I know my docs told me that I will be more fertal which I have obviously never had a problem with.  So I want to make sure I wait until I am ready since it does not take us long.  Thanks!
on 4/26/11 5:52 am - NY
my doctored reccomended 2 years to wait ( not that I am planning) lol
on 4/26/11 5:54 am - Germany
 I was told 18 months to 2 years.. which I am making a countdown LOL.. I want another baby :) 

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on 4/26/11 6:03 am
My surgeon and gyno agreed on 3 months before we started trying.  I have hit my 3 month mark, but just don't feel quit comfortable with it yet.  Don't think I could get in enough calories to sustain an healthy pregnancy at this point in the journey. 
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on 4/26/11 6:12 am - LA
Some doctors say 1 year to wait.  For the most part they want to insure that you loose all that weight. I seen some on this forum that has gotten pregnant even earlier. That is something that you may want to talk over with your doc. Let me know what you find out. I would be interested in knowing myself.
on 4/26/11 6:12 am
My doctor told me it was fine after 6 months because there isn't as high a risk of having any complications vs rny.
Janelle L.
on 4/26/11 7:57 am - Lakeland, FL
I am a labor & delivery nurse and do high risk antepartum. I would strongly suggest you get your body leveled out and make sure that you are healthy before you put extra stress on your body. Your baby will have a much better chance and your pregnancy will be far more successful if it is not fighting to keep both of you healthy at once.

My doc said two years before even trying.
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on 4/26/11 9:58 am
The recommendation is to wait 1 year AFTER reaching GOAL. Not just 1 year post-op. So many things transpire the first year, and I can tell you my first year after surgery was turbulent with hormone issues, adjusting to food, and a new way of eating. Now with all that being said, I was released to TTC at 8 months post-VSG. I was below goal, I considered "old" at 33-34yrs old, my labs were stellar, we are at a special ops base, and my husband's deployment ops tempo is high to say the least, I was worried he was going to be shipped out again, and delay things more. So, we tried feverishly for over a year, and I am now 12weeks pregnant.

I can tell you without a doubt that there is NO Way on God's green earth would I have been able to do this a year ago. It is physically and emotionally draining. I have to eat 1700-1800 calories a day, plus drink 100oz of water, now imagine juggling 5-6 meals and 100oz of pure water, plus milk, juice and other fluids. I couldn't have done it back then because my restriction has changed in some regards. I still have to rely on mush/super soft solids to get in my protein and calories for at least 2-3 meals per day. I absolutely refuse to drink my calories because of all that crap they put in those drinks, so it's been an adventure all over again to make sure I'm able to support my body through this pregnancy. Also, there are deficiencies that occur during pregnancy even with VSG. Just because we don't have malabsorption, don't think you can't or won't get deficient in nutrients or vitamins. It happens all the time on here, and getting deficient during pregnancy causes birth defects for the baby, and will strain your body even more. I just saw my high risk ob, and my regular ob, (yep I get double appointments), and my high risk ob is concerned about my age, and the fact I have a clotting disorder, my regular ob prescribed the 100oz of pure water every day because my urine specific gravity was super high, and I was already drinking 60ounces of clear fluids per day. Now, I have to drink 100oz of water, on top of everything else.

The recommendation to wait is in place to protect your body. The baby will drain from your body what it needs to grow and thrive. It's our bodies that will suffer with the pregnancy. Some say you'll be more fertile, but it took us over a year and we both went through testing to ensure nothing was "wrong" with our "stuff".

I won't even get into the hormonal and emotional challenges I'm dealing with during the pregnancy. The weight gain, even though it's expected and perfectly normal, it's a struggle, and I refuse to deny it. The physical changes have taken a toll on me mentally, and while I'm elated to be pregnant, not fitting into my jeans was not something I was prepared to be upset over. BUT, it is a big deal, and regardless of what anyone says, or how much they try to convince me that it's "okay", weight gain, and all of a sudden not being able to slide into my super skinny size 2 jeans is a mindf*ck to say the least. I'm elated to be pregnant, don't think I'm not, but I was not prepared for the ramifications that have hit me with the physical changes. Others probably think it's insane or selfish, and that's fine, they can think that all they want. But, regain is a fear for anyone, and then throw in the fact that all my fat has redistributed to my stomach, I can't get comfortable to sleep, my clothes don't fit, I feel fat again. So, just go in "eyes wide open" because I thought I was prepared, I thought it would all be this joyous, lovely event, and in some aspects it is, but in the same breath, I'm worn out already, and already planning out a meal plan for when I deliver so I can lose the weight I'll gain.
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on 4/26/11 10:15 am
I can totally see how the weight gaining could throw you overboard!  I had not thought of that yet!  I do have that fear of putting my pants on and they are tighter.  Thankfully I do not have to worry about my husband deploying as much (he deployed right after my daughter was born and then again 10 days after my son was born and then again 6 weeks after I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd and I told him if he EVER left me pregnant with 2 kids again I would take him out before they had a chance to ship him.  That was the hardest year of my LIFE!) because he is changing his MOS and going into MI to be a special agent so he can transition out into the FBI.  They do not deploy as much as he does now (he is Psy Op and I am ready to get out of that!) just TDY for a couple weeks at a time and as a fellow military wife you know a couple weeks is way better then months and years.  So I am definitly not worried about time in that sense and I am also only 27 and already have 3 running around so I know I am young enough to pop a couple more out.  Plus if God sees fit then I am very content with just 3.  i would love more but know I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams with these 3 ankle biters.  So thanks!!  I never thought of all that and it is nice to hear what other things to think about inside of the pregnancy too!
on 4/26/11 10:27 am
This will be our last. I have a 12yr old son from a previous, but this is my husband's first and only.

My husband is Security Forces, and being at a HQ base, it's hectic. Luckily, he landed an awesome job at the Wing level, and will only have to do tiny TDYs here and there over the next 3 years. No deployments so things kind of fell into place for us, and God really made things happen.

I promise, I'm not trying to be a "Debbie Downer" about being pregnant. I'm overjoyed, elated, so excited about the baby, but I am struggling with body issues so I think it's only fair to talk about the "ugly" too.

It's not all daisies and rainbows, ya know. I realize some women think it is, and that is great for them, but I would lying to myself if I tried to "brush" off how I'm feeling.

Best wishes and if you ever need anything, please feel free to message me.
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