on 4/27/11 8:01 am - AZ
Hi all:

I could really use some great ides to help me get all my fluids in. I tried mixing it with PowerAid zero and although it was good, I started feeling kinda weird after a few glasses. I've tried the Mio but I get a little sick of that flavor too.  I don't think the trick will be flavoring it but rather figuring out a good way to measure it small so I have a since of accomplishment when I drink the last drop.  Anyway, need help.  I should be doing better than 30 to 40 ozs at this point.
on 4/27/11 8:05 am

Maybe those "baby" style water bottles.. that are like half the size of the bigger ones, I refill them.. but the size is great to be able to still have cold water when you are almost finished!

on 4/27/11 8:43 am
2oz every 15 minutes over an 8 hour period is 64oz of fluid. I used little medicine dosing cups early out, then I used a measuring cup out of my cabinet.
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on 4/27/11 8:47 am - AZ
I like these ideas and the small little glasses/bottles seem to be a great idea.  USAF wife......your surgery was in '09, do you still have to measure your fluids and make sure you get them all in or has it just become second nature?
on 4/27/11 8:50 am
I can chug (even though I don't because it's not lady-like ha ha ha) fluids without issue. Drinking is a non-issue and has been a non-issue since about 3 months out.

With the pregnancy, I have to drink 100oz of pure water, no crystal light, no nothing, juice, milk, and all that jazz has to be on top of that 100oz of water so least to say I'm floating ha ha ha.
Band to VSG revision: June 3, 2009
SW 270lbs GW 150lbs CW Losing Pregancy Weight Maintenance goal W 125-130lbs

on 4/27/11 9:26 am - AZ
Wow - I didn't realize that you were pregnant! Congratulations.  And, thank you for keeping in touch here. I'll be glad when I can just drink water without spending so much counting ounces.
Kristy R.
on 4/27/11 9:55 am - Santa Clara, CA
 I like my Camelbak bottle a lot.  Basically, everything I drink out of is clear and  has ounce markings so I can keep track.  Other than that, I just make sure I down 2.5 x  24 oz bottle a day.  At first I used a timer and the medicine cups, but I don't anymore.  I rarely even drink flavored beverages anymore, it's basically jus****er.  
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Mr Mom
on 4/27/11 10:12 am
I carry around a 64 oz (2 Qt) Gatoraid bottle with me everywhere (I reuse it over and over). Sometimes I have 2 individual packs of Wylers drink mix mixed in with R/O water, sometimes it's "Proti" protein drink concentrate, sometimes it's actually Gatoraid (G2), or sometimes it's a combination like G2 + Proti or Wylers & Proti (protein & carbs!). I just make sure that I am taking a drink often so long as it isn't within 30 minutes before or after a meal.

It's especially important here in AZ, we have to keep hydrated in the heat! ... Craig

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on 4/27/11 10:14 am
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My thing is that I just forget to drink it.  I'll have a bottle right there and I'll take a gulp and set it down and an hour later I'll realized I haven't had any more since.

So sometimes I will set the timer on my iPhone for 3 minutes and take another sip, reset it, sip, reset it, sip....  until I've drank the entire 24 ounce bottle.

I prefer the 24 ounce bottle over 32 ounce bottles because they look way smaller and are less intimidating.  The 32 ounce ones are just overwhelming to me.

Hope this helps!!
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on 4/27/11 12:35 pm
I have measured certain cups/mugs in my house and know the amount they hold. As I finish one of them off, I either write it down or mentally tally it in my head for that day.

I have found that milk is my best friend. I drink at least 3 12 oz mugs of it a day. That alone is 36oz. and also is 36gm. of protein. I start my day with one, and finish my day with one. Plain milk isn't sickeningly sweet like the shakes, and doesn't feel like a rock in my stomach the way plain water does. Crystal lite and I get along most days, but when we don't it's an extra mug or two of milk.

Best of all, milk is relatively cheap compared to shakes etc.

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