Doing something wrong?

on 4/28/11 2:06 pm - AZ
I am getting the foamies every day after lunch and they last until I go to bed.  What is the reason I have this?
on 4/28/11 2:08 pm
Call your doctor.  Getting sick every day is something to tell him/her about!!!

Wishing you well
on 4/28/11 2:09 pm - CA
You are probably eating too fast and not chewing your food enough. It happens to me as well even after 7 months. You need to remember to eat slower and stop when you start to feel full.
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on 4/28/11 2:15 pm - AZ
I thought maybe eating too fast or too much might be the reason. So,  today, I made sure I was doing it right (slow and low amount). I still got them. I'm still not doing very good at getting all my fluids in. Do you think this could have something to do with it?
on 4/28/11 2:10 pm - AZ
Well - I'm not really getting sick. I feel good. I am just salivating like crazy. I have to spit it out because it probably will make me sick if I swallow it.
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on 4/28/11 2:11 pm - Alhambra, CA
I'm not sure about the foamies? are they the same as the slimeys?  i had it happen to me once.  I ate,  then must have forgotten i ate and ate again,  then i got horrible pain in my chest,  then finally i started throwing up this clear liquid stuff  yuk,  it was because i ate too much.  Not sure if its the same thing or not.  I hope you get over this quickly   take care :o) jeani
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on 4/28/11 2:13 pm - AZ
no - not the same thing as slimies.  I don't throw up. I feel like a dog with rabies! LOL.  My saliva is foamy and I have to spit it out.
on 4/28/11 2:25 pm - CA
Yeah, I get all foamie too and it's only when I eat too much. Sometimes I don't know I have eaten too much until a few minutes after I am finished and then it starts and lasts for a long time. It's horrible. I just have to measure my food and not eat any more than 3 oz . Also, if I wait until I am hungry to eat then I eat too fast and too much. It takes time to understand how to balance it all.
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us"

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on 4/28/11 2:59 pm
So here are the possible reason.  1) you are eating too much, you should only be getting in under 1/4 of a cup at this time.  2) you are eating too fast, slow down and use a tiny baby spoon or fork, take bite sizes as big as a pencil eraser. 3) you are eating food that you are not yet ready for, in other words it is too dense, back off of all dense things and go back to softer food for a few weeks.  This should take care of it, and just remember that this is very temporary and you will hardly remember this later.
on 4/29/11 6:32 am - NH
When were you able to take bigger bites than a pencil eraser?  I am finding myself able to take much bigger bites now that I am 3 months out as long as I chew, chew, chew and I wonder if that is normal.  I had a horrible time in the beginning even eating pencil eraser sizes I got foamies or stuck feeling