Sleeved and excited but confused on how to drink everything

on 4/29/11 8:52 am
So far my surgery experience has been fairly easy compared to the four c-sections I have had.  It was quite difficult to swallow water or anything at first.  It burned like crazy.  I am loving the feeling I have of not wanting any food.  I hope this continues.  I ate one of my chewable vitamins today and got really nauseated.  I need to take it with food.  I am trying to figure out how to drink all the protein drinks and water I am supposed to have.  Are there enough hours in the day?
on 4/29/11 9:00 am - Canada
Im 14 days out and still trying to get it all in :) I have to keep it on the top of my mind allll day because I forget. Just sip sip sip!!! I could not take any vitamins for the first 2 weeks and my doc said that was ok for me:) Good Luck and Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 4/29/11 9:16 am
LOL - the jury is out about the enough hours in the day thing. :)  I am 6 weeks out on Monday and I still have a hard time getting in all the water but it gets better each day. :)
on 4/29/11 9:22 am - MD
 congrats! nice to see the journey is going well for you. I too got nauseated when i took my vitamins and they came back up. no fun. gonna hold off on them til i incorporate protein shakes back into my diet (tomorrow).
on 4/29/11 9:24 am - LA
The trick that helped me alot was my doctor told me to keep a 1oz shot glass and a timer by me at all times and try to drink 1oz every 15 to 20 minutes.  This helped me from getting distracted and forgetting to get my liquids in! Watch out for the vitamins, I was told not to take them the first two weeks out but every doctor is different, just be careful! Hope this helps!
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on 4/29/11 9:59 am
 There is a really good liquid multivitamin that GNC sells that tastes like tangerine. It's made by Tropical Oasis.

It's what I am taking during my liquid phase.
on 4/29/11 1:30 pm - AZ
Glad to hear you are doing well! I had problems with burning when I drank at first, but my surgeon told me to take Gaviscon or Maalox and that helped immediately. 

I had trouble with vitamins, too. I was horribly nauseated at first, then got to the point I couldn't keep them down after a few days. I was taking BA chewables and they just didn't agree with me, so I switched to their gelatin capsules and haven't had any problems since. Other people in here have said pretty much the same thing about the BA vitamins giving them problems, so I didn't feel like the lone ranger. Some people buy the Flintstones chewables or gummy chewable vitamins, so those are worth considering. 

Getting in fluids is a slow process and can take a little time before you get in all the recommended 64 ounces a day, but you will get there! Hang in there! I highly recommend SF popsicles ....they helped me so much in the early phases, and since they are frozen, you are taking in small amounts of fluids slowly works! I always have a box of the SF Jello Tropicals in my freezer, even now. They're great if you aren't feeling well, or it if's a hot day, or if you just feel thirsty ...enjoy!


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