Does anyone know why?

on 5/3/11 9:26 am - AZ
Hi my most helpful peeps!

I am trying so very hard to get 64 ozs of fluids in and it goes great all day long. I get about 40 ozs in and then bam about 3:30 or 4:00, it just hurts and nauseates me to drink fluids.  I try to force it but my stomach gurgles and actually aches as I drink. I have to stretch out because my stomach aches from bending at the waist! The rest of the evening will go this way and I will not be able to get the rest of the fluids in.  Maybe I just need to get all 64 in before 3:30 LOL!  I wonder if it has anything to do with the time that I'm taking my PPI?  I know this is a stumper but I'd appreciate any ideas.
Mandi E.
on 5/3/11 9:29 am - Kissimmee, FL
That's very true! The PPI might be stopping your absorbition or something. I haven't had issues. I'm running 80z to 90z a day. I just sip sip sip every few minutes, wait about 5 minutes and sip sip sip again. Try to get everything in before 330 to see if it's maybe just mind of matter.

Just my 2 cents. FYI... 
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on 5/3/11 11:00 am
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I know I like to get in most of my water earlier, but not because it makes me nauseated.  I'll just be up and down all night using the little girls' room!!

Hope you figure out what works for you.
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on 5/3/11 11:16 am - Youngsville, LA
If I drink too fast on an empty stomach I get super nauseous.  Like when at the gym; I feel so thirsty so take several sips from the water fountain then feel like puking for a few minutes after.  Maybe by 3pm you've already digested breakfast and lunch so you're running on empty.  I wonder if you had a small snack mid-afternoon if it would help?
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on 5/3/11 11:24 am - AZ
Well - I think I figured it out. I have ulcers and it seems that by evening all the eating and drinking has agrevated the ulcers. I just took my med that coats my tummy and it does feel better.  I wished these stupid ulcers would go away!