6 days out and on liquid diet, belching constantly and hurts

on 5/3/11 9:16 am
I sip slowly, my protein drinks are watered down but after two sips I hurt and have to belch.  How much longer will it hurt?  Thanks for any advice.
Jessica M.
on 5/3/11 9:33 am - San Antonio, TX
My doc says to stay off shakes for a week and concentrate on clear liquds, since they are easier tolerate.

on 5/3/11 9:37 am
call your doc or nut and tell them you're having issues. Just keep sipping slowly... It will get better.


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on 5/3/11 9:49 am
Are you on a PPI?  For me, constant belching is a sign of stomach acid. 

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on 5/3/11 10:21 am - Canada
Small sips with time between should help. I find that burping is a sign that I am full and that happens quickly in the beginning when you are still very swollen and just starting to heal.  Good luck to you and in meantime go ahead and burp when you need to.
on 5/3/11 10:33 am - NJ
I wasnt allowed to do protein shakes right after surgery-- actually im 5 weeks out today and still havent done the protein shakes.  maybe you should just concentrate on the clear liquids and leave the protein shakes for a little longer down the road.
on 5/3/11 11:54 am - TX
VSG on 04/12/11 with
I liked the belching, it made me feel less of the tight, "I drank too fast feeling"  It hurt
when I bleched and had hiccups for about 10-14 days,......... then. ........one day...........pain gone.  I still belch and get hiccups often....small price to pay...love me, love my burps  !!!!!
on 5/3/11 3:34 pm, edited 5/3/11 3:35 pm - GA
Ooo....I know the feeling.  I'm a week out from being sleeved and I have been having the same thing happening with the gas.  I wish I could have one big long belch like  you get from drinking a Pepsi or Coke.  I have been so pissed off from trying to drink jus****er.  I have told everyone that drinking water shouldn't hurt but it does.  Luckly I can say today was a good day with the water and with the gas.  I hope your better days are to come.  Just know you're not alone with this.
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