What what what???

on 5/9/11 3:20 am
Stalled and annoyed!! I have lost only 2 ounces in almost 5 weeks!!! I am feeling like this is not working and I am not feeling as much restriction! What is going on?! I am 3 months out and I stalled before for 3 weeks. This is normal right?
on 5/9/11 3:28 am - Powell, OH
I'm only 3 mo out too, but from what I have read on the boards it "can" be normal. However, you might be able to jump start a new losing streak by increasing your protein and water, reducing your carbs and exercising more.

Good luck!
Mandi E.
on 5/9/11 3:41 am - Kissimmee, FL
I just weighed in today and I've gained 6 oz from yesterday!! It happens! LOL I'm not going to beat myself up about it.  
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on 5/9/11 3:44 am
I just responded to someone else on this. I think it's the eating out and eating what other people have prepared for us over the weekend. And I think the culprit is SALT, for short term gain.

For stalls...... I do them all the time ! So far, my longest was just over 3 weeks. Just keep doing what you are doing, keep your protein and water up, and hang in there. At some point your body will let go of the pounds again....
Briar Rose  
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on 5/9/11 4:22 am - so. plfd, NJ
VSG on 02/09/11 with
This is what I do eat more protein and move that body and do not I repeat weigh yourself until a week or two.  That is what I do now I eat more and workout 5 days a week and now I run on treadmill and lift weights regular.  Its working I am out of a stall and loving it...
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on 5/9/11 7:50 am
Steph, good to see you on here again.. !  Hey girl we need to see some pictures!!!
on 5/9/11 4:29 am - Minneapolis, MN
Right around my 3 month mark, I had a few "pause" weeks. I ended up hitting the gym hard and this has helped get the scale moving in the right direction again. I've also noticed times where I have much less restriction than I used to. I think it's just the stomach being increasingly healed.
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on 5/9/11 4:49 am - Spokane, WA
VSG on 11/30/09 with

I have been in a 6+ month stall....AHHHHHH!!!!

I have done the 5 Day pouch test for a stall earlier in my weight loss journey and it worked beautifully, so I am doing it again....time to get my head back into things!!!


Good luck!

Candy S.
on 5/9/11 6:57 am - Elgin, SC
OMG did I read that right?  You've lost 107 pounds in 3 months???  Your body is probably saying WTH!!!!  I think you need a stall for your body to catch up to that much weight loss.  Congrats on that.  I've never heard of someone starting in the 200's to lose that much that quick.  That's amazing. 
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on 5/9/11 9:24 am
No!  Sorry!  I have lost only lost 20 pounds in 3 months.  I actually lost 80 of it on my own before surgery so the 107 is from my biggest.