13 days out and I feel very, very weak

on 5/10/11 5:45 am
I am drinking my protein drinks and water as per doctor, but I feel sooooo weak I can get very little done.  Is this normal?  And how long will this last?
on 5/10/11 6:05 am - MN
I was pretty wiped out my first couple of weeks, too. Remember, not only did you have major surgery despite having it done orthoscopically, but your body is also making huge changes in the way it expects to get and process food.
If this keeps up, call your nurse. Always follow your plan, but you may want to try a small amount of carbohydrates.

It gets hugely better! Hang tight and best wishes on your new life!!

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on 5/10/11 6:11 am - IA
Are you sleeping at night? Are you walking?
Hope you feel better soon.
on 5/10/11 6:16 am
I was sleeved on 4/18. Rough few days, then felt better than I expected to for a few, then, it hit me. I had a time shaking the tiredness. Just rest, cut yourself some slack, keep up the liquids and protein and try for some complex carbs (some high quality premixed protein drinks have some, like Svelte and Orgain). Also, keep up your B-12. Either get shots or buy some sublingual (under the tongue since it is poorly absorbed by many when it goes through the digestive tract, and get the methylcobalamin form. Vitamin Shoppe has it). It's stunning how much impact B-12 and water have on energy levels. Then, rest, move around when you can, add walking as you can--even 5 or 10 minutes walking slow is a start. I am 22 days out and am walking a mile a day, sometimes twice, and am beginning to feel a bit more like myself. It's very individual, so pay attention to what you need. Good luck, and congratulations!!! And don't get down on yourself when (not if) you hit a stall I hit one on ay 11, and it just broke this morning. Whew!
on 5/10/11 6:43 am - Canada
thanks so much for posting this info!! it has helped me feel better. I am 25 days out and tired. I wsa being pretty hard on myself over it. Now I feel better that its not just me :)

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on 5/10/11 6:30 am
I'm right there with you!
on 5/10/11 8:40 am
VSG on 04/28/11 with
Me, too. Myenergy definitely ebbs and flows over the course of the day, and I wasn't in bad shape prior to surgery. I keep trying to convince myself that my body is just working so hard getting rid of the fat. If I say it enough it'll be true, right?
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on 5/10/11 6:36 am
I had surgery on 3/14 and just about 2 weeks ago finally got my feet well under me.  It takes some time for some people.  I think a lot has to do with your physical state prior to surgery.  If you have medical problems or if you have been very inactive I think it takes longer.  Just be sure you take your vitimins and eat (what you have been told to eat. (and drink your liquids)
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on 5/10/11 6:55 am

I am 21 days, 3 weeks out today.  I am weak as I can be.  And I am shaky.  Its been like nothing I have ever experienced before.  And I've had other operations and babies.  I have lost 30 lbs.  But I do believe I'm in a stall now. As I haven't lost in quite a few days.  In other words you are not alone.  Good luck to you. 
on 5/10/11 7:40 am
Don't forget too, that your body is adjusting to a near starvation diet after, presumably, being overfed for years. 
Keep on keeping on with the protein and fluids.  Keep on moving, sipping, and resting.  It will get better.    I was a long time getting my energy back, and my mental energy too, not just the body.
Take care.
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