Track food?

on 5/13/11 9:57 pm
What would be the best iPad app to track food and all that good stuff.  I am using Sparkpeople but I was wondering if there was something more simple.
on 5/13/11 10:40 pm
VSG on 06/08/10 with
Hello ArmyWifeMommy. As far as to track your food intake, I use it on this web sites all the time. I go under "Tools" that is in a blue bar and click on the "Nutrition Tracker" and it will take you their. It helps me to keep track what goes in my mouth, like cals., fat, protein, etc.. I think it's great and simple to use. Check it out if you like too. I hope this so help to you.
on 5/14/11 5:03 am - Danforth, ME
Watson - Thanks for the suggestion.  Went on line immediately and started tracking.  Like the site a lot.  I used to track using WW but this is much simpler.  I think its gonna help me a lot.  Thanks.  Cindi
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on 5/14/11 5:24 am
VSG on 06/08/10 with
Hello Cindi. You're welcome. Cool. I bet you do like this site. I like it too. Glad to help out. enjoy this site. 

on 5/13/11 10:46 pm - TN
I use MyFitnessPal and I like its iPad app.



Mary R.
on 5/13/11 11:29 pm - OH
I use myfitnesspal too and I love it!  It has every food imagineable on it it seems and since I ALWAYS have my phone with me its much easier than trying to write it down.
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on 5/13/11 11:54 pm
VSG on 04/12/11 with
 I'm a My Fitness Pal junkie too!  I use the iPhone app, the iPad app and the desktop version.  It makes it so easy to track everything I eat. 

The best part is it's free.  I used to use Weigh****chers online for years and this is sooooo much better. 
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Happy Girl
on 5/13/11 11:57 pm - CA
I just asked this question on here a few days ago and got a lot of great ideas. The best one I found from all of the recommendations was "low carb diet assistant". It costs a few dollars but it is seriously the best one I have found. It shows you protein carbs water weight and all of the details you would want to keep track of. If it doesn't have a food already it is easy to input it and then use it again another time. I highly recommend it! Good luck

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on 5/14/11 12:07 am - Washington, DC
I am using myfitnesspal as well. For the first time I came across an error. I put in BBQ chicken breast, 1 oz, and it came up with about 34g of protein. I thought - wow. Definitely wrong. So I put in chicken breast on its own and it states 5g of protein. This was the first error I've seen. Has anyone else found some?
on 5/14/11 1:01 am - NJ
I know 3 oz of chicken breasts has about 27-29 grams of protein. I use my fitness pal and love it. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't calculate net carbs, But for foods that i need to do that I just add to my foods and input the info and use the net carb amount as total carbs and make a note on that item...