Can't believe its my 6 month surgiversary

on 5/22/11 3:37 am - Nashville, TN
Today is my 6 month surgiversary! I really can't believe its been 6 months since they rolled me into the operating room and I came out a changed person forever. So far, I've lost exactly 110 lbs as of this morning. Nice to wake up to a 2 lb loss today!

Time has flown by. I haven't had any complications other than acid reflux which seems to be getting better. I have been off my morning dose of Zenegrid but still take Zantac in the late afternoon. I was really diligent about working out up until about a month or so ago. Now I get in about 2 workouts a week, plus I do walk alot. I take my vits religiously, get my protein in and drink at least 70+ oz of water each day. I don't often have carb cravings or hunger, and once in a while I do allow myself a drink or something sweet.  I don't crucify myself for it, I just move on. I find I love the foods I can eat, and am getting creative with my meals...last night I had grilled shrimp and crab with a small salad wedge for dinner. I brought home half the shrimp and salad for lunch today. I still have great restriction and love that I can eat tasty things, but in moderation and feel full.

I am finally able to shop in stores I love, which is unbelievable to me. Sometimes I go in just to try things on and see what size I wear. :) 

Saggy skin, yep. I do have some. And I'm sure I'll have more since I still have a ways to go. Yesterday the woman who does my facials told me I better start using retinol to help tighten up the skin on my face... I wanted to ask her if it'd work on all the other areas that are sagging....

I'm getting in anywhere between 400-700 calories a day. I try to stay within 400-600 as my nut and surgeon asked me to, but occasionally I drift into 600-700 range. I am carb sensitive, so I try to limit those to less than 15g a day, and usually don't exceed 20 fat grams a day. I am hoping to be at goal by end of summer/early fall.

I'm so glad I was brave enough to do this surgery and commit to making this lifestyle change. Its not always easy, but well worth the rewards. Thanks to all the vets who post here, I have learned SO much from you.  

on 5/22/11 3:53 am
Hey Linda, I am a Linda too!  And my six months will be in one week!  I have not lost as much as you and do a lot of the same things you mentioned.  I am very happy with my weight loss, though and feel like it is right for me.  I need to be exercising more and that would probably ramp up the weightloss.  I just don't care for exercise.  I don't mind work, so I try to get most of my exercise by either walking more or doing meaningful work.  Congrats on your loss.  How much more do you want to lose?
on 5/22/11 4:04 am
VSG on 06/01/11 with

That is awesome!  

You are an inspiration!  Thank you for posting what you're doing to get such great success... I hope to follow in your footsteps!  
on 5/22/11 4:20 am - Buna, TX
on 5/22/11 4:21 am - Maurepas, LA
Hi! My name is Leigh, and I will be having the gastric sleeve on july 13,2011. Just curious about the saggy skin. A few questions if you don't mind. I have lost around 40 pds, in the last year on my own, and do have some sag, not alot, but did not work out either. When u worked out, did u go to the gym and use weights? Also I know age plays in. So I will give my stats, and u can share if u wish. I am 5'2 hw 314, cw 274 just turned 40 in april. Just wonderin about type of work out and age and was it alot of loose skin so far, and how much more do you have to loose. Feel free to friend me if you want to answer me in private. thank you Leigh
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sleeve genie
on 5/22/11 4:32 am - Alhambra, CA
Wow,  that is just plain amazing,  good job you.   You obviously got this   :o) jeani
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Susan M.
on 5/22/11 7:50 am
 Six months!  Amazing!  Congratulations on your amazing success.  You are truly inspiring.