OMG, approved after appeals! Need to transfer approval to a new doc.

on 5/23/11 1:26 am - VA
Oh my gosh, I can't believe it.  It's been over eight months since my doctor first submitted to insurance.  My first denial (BCBS Federal Employee) was last October -- got turned down because BCBS said the sleeve was just for people with BMI over 50.  I appealed and lost, but this time it was because my co-morbidities weren't serious enough.  I got a sleep test and the results showed mild apnea. 

I did two things.  I filed an appeal with OPM (office of personnel management).  They've had the appeal for almost two months and are still chewing on it.  I also asked my doctor to submit to insurance the new apnea results and see if they'd approve it.  The second strategy prevailed!

However, in the mean time, I've scheduled my procedure with another doc.  Better self-pay rates (which I thought was my future) and more competent office staff. 

Has anyone had any trouble transferring their approval to a new doc?  Both are preferred providers.  I feel a little conflicted because the first doctor's office finally pulled it out for me, but they were so unsupportive through my appeals I just don't feel bad enough not to go ahead with my scheduled procedure. 
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on 5/23/11 1:37 am
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YAY Holly!!!  So happy for you.  I can't offer up an decent advice about changing docs but I do rejoice with you! 

So glad that you didn't have to go the self-pay route... so freakin expensive! 
on 5/23/11 1:55 am - VA
Thanks!!  I swear the money worries have kept me up at night more than the propsect of having most of my stomach cut out.  LOL!
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on 5/23/11 2:02 am
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LOL!!!  I can imagine! 

I had my lap band taken out 2 weeks ago and the bill for that was $24K .    I would have no clue where that kind of cash would come from... thank you GOD for insurance coverage!!! 
on 5/23/11 2:14 am
Congrats! Im havn surgery on the 29th.....let us kno when u get ur date.
Kristy R.
on 5/23/11 7:31 am - Santa Clara, CA
 I think that this is a major decision, and you should go to the Dr you feel the most comfortable and supported by.  If you want that 2nd Dr, then go for it.  You don't owe anyone anything here, this is your choice, your money, your body - this is a big deal.  Do what feels best to you.  Good luck!
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