A couple of NSVs for me!!!

on 5/31/11 10:00 pm - MI
 It's been just over a week since my sleeve.  I am feeling GREAT!  No idea yet how much weight I have lost.  Friday morning, I go see my PCP about some of the heart complications that popped up after surgery (which are under control now due to the cardiac medications I am on) and I will be weighed then.  Never in my life have I been so excited about stepping on a scale as I am now!!!

The dietitian at the Univeristy of Michigan asked me to keep a log of the foods I am eating each day.  She said that will help her to see where I might need to make changes to keep the weight coming off and to keep it from coming back.  But a food log looks so boring....  LOL  I decided to "spice it up" by writing down not only what I ate, but how those foods made me feel.  When I started the pre-=op liquid diet, I wrote how much I dislike Cream of Wheat.  Yesterday, after not having any since the day before surgery, I wrote how much I was missing it.  I made a packet of the instant stuff with extra milk (to make it thin enough to drink), vanilla protein powder, and a dash of cinnamon.  Oh, it was so yummy!!  The real NSV came, though, when I realized that the one packet was enough for me for two meals!!  NEVER would have believed that a full packet would satisfy me, let alone just half a packet!

So then I went upstairs to get ready for my day.  I slipped on a blouse that I have always worn with a tank underneath because the blouse doesn't button comfortably around me.  It DIDN'T button comfortably around me, I should say!!  This morning, I can button it and there is even some room!  The weight is coming off!!!!  Oh, I cannot tell you how excited I am!!

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on 5/31/11 10:19 pm
Congrats on the nsv's! They are truly awesome, sometimes showing up everyday in so many ways!

Best wishes on this journey...there are a lot of great people on it with you here.

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on 5/31/11 11:24 pm - ALTOONA, PA

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