3 months out!

on 6/2/11 3:43 am
I am 3 months out and I feel fantastic!!  We took our kids to Disneyworld last week and it was AMAZING to be able to keep up and fit on the rides!  I am able to eat more but I have been keeping it under control.  I was always an emotional and boredom eater.  I have been tested on this this last week.  We found out our 2 year old son has Cerebal Palsey due to Periventricular Leukamalacia.  We knew something was wrong when he was 6 months and was still acting like a newborn.  After 2 years of doctors they finally figured it out (I have no CLUE why it took so long).  I thought that this may be my downfall to not caring and eating crap again but I have been standing up to myself saying I do not get to fall back into being overweight because my son needs a mom who can be there for him.  I am at 167 pounds right now and I am still losing about 1/2 a pound a day.  Although I have had a couple stalls.  I am in size 10 pants and small shirts.  I am down to a C cup and that is the most exciting to me!!  After mt last child was born I was in an E.  My oldest tells me how beautiful I am all the time and it almost brings me to tears because I want all 3 of my kids to be proud of their mama:)  This is the best thing I ever did and no it is not easy and yes I have to still work at it but I feel like I am fighting a battle instead of a full out war if that makes sense.  I crave fruit and I cannot handle sugar which is good and bad I guess (I miss cookies).  I do not drink caffiene or carbonated drinks at all.  I just don't even want to.  I do not work out as much as I should but I plan on getting going on that after our move.  My husband has a new job in the Army so we will be stationed somewhere else:)  I am ready to start out somewhere as skinny Jenny:)  I take all my vitamins and I have been losing hair but I always had massive amounts of hair so you cannot tell at all....yet.  I hate my thighs because of all the skin but I will take that over the fat.  Once I figure out how to post pics I will:)  LOVING MY SLEEVE!!!
on 6/2/11 3:54 am - amherst, NY
wow what progress. you have lost 112# in 3 months??
on 6/2/11 4:12 am
No.  I lost 83 pounds before I had the surgery.  I put that under my signature but it never shows up.
on 6/2/11 3:58 am - OK
That's amazing. Way to rock your sleeve! I am sorry to hear about your son but I am glad you are finally able to get your questions answered and a plan in place to help him (at least I hope you are getting there). Keep up the good work. Would you have ever dreamt you could lose 112 pounds in 3 months? AMAZING!!!
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on 6/2/11 4:13 am
Sorry.  That is misleading.  I lost 83 pounds before surgery.  It does not seem to want to show up on my signature when I put it on there :S
Lori B.
on 6/2/11 4:27 am
Congrats on the loss and so very sorry about your son. You have a great attitude and should be very proud.


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on 6/2/11 5:28 am - La Puente, CA
Woww!!! 167!! How exciting is that!! I agree the sleeve is totally awesome and I am glad you have had terrific success.. a size 10 thats one of my goals.. :) I dont think it will take my 3 months (sigh) but I will get there.. Congrads on the new outlook and I hope these food transitions (craving the bad stuff) will start to taper off...
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on 6/2/11 6:25 am - PA
Great job! I know it will be exciting to ride rides again now that I don't have to squeeze myself in. Also, I think it's amazing that you lost 83 pounds before surgery.

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on 6/2/11 6:30 am - Houston, TX
You're doing so well! I'm sorry for your news about your son, praying you receive all the answers and treatment he needs.
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