Updated my goal weight - now I am 1/2 way there...

on 6/6/11 3:34 am - Round Rock, TX
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I decided to change my goal weight to a little under that last time I was a normal BMI.  I have always weighed more than I look and considering my age I thought 160# was a more appropriate weight for me.  That makes me 1/2 way to goal. 

I have had a rough month or so - my hormones went haywire and I had my period (heavy flow) for 3 weeks before I finally went to my gyno and she prescribed some hormones for 10 days to stop the bleeding.  I am now starting on what I hope will be a regular period and my system reset (fingers crossed).  The Provera I was prescribed made me feel like crap, with headache, insomnia, mood swings and nearly halted weight loss.  Hopefully I am back to my standard hormonal craziness now!

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on 6/6/11 3:46 am - Laurel, MD
Woot woot - congrats on being 1/2 way there!

Even with changing your goal I know you'll make it!

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We shall see where this leads...  

on 6/6/11 5:45 am
congratulations, that seems more realistic to me...but you never know, you might decide after you reach this goal to lower it again!  wouldn't that be nice!
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on 6/6/11 6:30 am - San Pedro, CA
Congrats and I hope the new med/s work better w/ your body than the Provera. That sounded like such an awful experience.

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