Special NSV

on 6/11/11 12:03 am - MN
As of this morning I am down 33 pounds since surgery and 52 total with pre-op. That in itself is very exciting.  However, I never thought about all the different places I would lose weight.  I am so excited because I can now wear my original wedding rings.  They are so special to me because they were my Grandmother's wedding set and she passed away almost 2 years ago.  Now I can wear them again and think of her every time I look at them.

I love my sleeve for so many different reasons, but this one is wonderful!!!

Best wishes to you all for an awesome day!!

on 6/11/11 12:10 am - MI
That's fantastic I cant wait to feel like that. Any special tips as far as eating or excercising? GReat news for you :)
(deactivated member)
on 6/11/11 12:15 am
Thats wonderful Brenda, on all accounts!  I am wearing my grandmas wedding rings too.  We should have a club!  Congrats on your wonderful losses and you fabulous "gain".
Ms. Poker Face
on 6/11/11 12:23 am
 COngrats!!  How awesome is that!?!  

I can't wait for my wedding rings to fit normal or even a little lose... they are soooo tight now.


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on 6/11/11 12:34 am - Laurel, MD
Congrats on that extra special NSV!  Keep rockin your sleeve!

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