3 months out!! Pics...I think....if they worked.

on 6/18/11 2:45 am

This is my heaviest.  I was 280 pounds right after my first daughter was born.

This is now!!  164 lbs and still losing!!  I look better after 3 kids then I did after 1!!!  Yay!!!  I am loving my sleeve and the life it is letting me live!!
FYI I lost 80 before surgery so I have only lost about 40 in 3 months but it is awesome!!
on 6/18/11 2:46 am - MD

You look amazing!!! keep up the good work

on 6/18/11 2:47 am
Great job! Looking good...
on 6/18/11 2:52 am
WOW... you look AMAZING! 

Thanks for sharing... you look so incredible, I'm inspired!! 
Paige V.
on 6/18/11 2:55 am - Gainesville, FL
yay you look great! 
on 6/18/11 2:59 am - Whittier, CA
u look wonderful
on 6/18/11 3:14 am

I worry that I will loose really slow after surgery because I have been loosing pretty good before... but I guess knowing that this time we'll keep it off is worth it... right? :-)

You look great!!!
on 6/18/11 10:14 am
It us worth it no matter how long it takes!!!
Brenda L.
on 6/18/11 3:18 am - Raleigh, NC
Way to go...you look so good! Do you do any exercises to tone your arms?

on 6/18/11 10:15 am
I do free weights while I am in the middle of watching TV.  Plus picking up my kids!