7 Mos Surgiversary, Onederland & Dove Bites

on 6/23/11 7:06 am - Nashville, TN
 So yesterday marks my 7 month anniversary. Time has flown by. I can't believe its been 7 months. I've lost 121 lbs and feel great. I'm 2.5 lbs away from Onderland. I have reduced food intake hard this week to make this goal, cutting back as much as reasonably possible while still getting in my calories, protein and water, but alas, it didn't happen yesterday. 

 I keep bouncing around this last few lbs to Onederland and I'm pretty darn frustrated :) Today, in my frustration (and to celebrate 7 months?) I ate 4 of the small dark chocolate Dove bites. They sure were great. I haven't had anything like that since surgery last fall. But, I guess i won't be hitting onederland tomorrow lol. I don't normally crave chocolate - but these bites just happened to be around the office, so I mindlessly ate them. 

My surgeon wants me between 400-600 calories/day to get to goal by end of summer and that's what I've been doing since I started this journey. I hope that perhaps by this weekend I can celebrate Onderland and get on with the next chapter of weight loss to my new goal of 50 more lbs lost by end of summer! 

So here's hoping for big news this weekend! Fingers crossed everyone. And I promise I'll lay off the Dove chocolate :)

Kristy R.
on 6/23/11 7:12 am - Santa Clara, CA
 We had cupcakes at the office yesterday, and I did not touch them.  BEWARE THE OFFICE!  IT WILL SUCK YOU DOWN!  (snort)

All joking aside, congrats on your AMAZING success!  Ees Fantastic!!
~Kristy~ VSG 3/29/11 ~ 15 pounds lost pre-op, SW - 240/GW - 150
on 6/23/11 7:17 am - Nashville, TN
  You are strong! I normally don't succumb to office cravings... but I've seen these darn chocolates for months and passed them by. I finally gave in and grabbed 4. Oh well, gotta move on and reset. Thanks for the congrats! And congrats to you....looks like you're doing great as well! 
on 6/23/11 2:43 pm - TX
You are amazing for being able to stay within that WAY low calorie count for this long! You'll be great!!