7 Months today!

on 6/23/11 9:51 am - Germany
This month went by fast!! Let's see what is different from my 6 month post:

I have lost 8 more lbs since last month (my ticker wont give me that .1 for some reason lol), putting me at ONLY 10 more lbs to lose and 6 more lbs until I am at 100lbs lost. I have been at 150 for a few weeks now I think my body is starting to settle and I am so okay with that... I do secretly want to lose at least 6 more to be at 100lbs lost bahahaha.... 

My BMI has gone from 27.1 to 25.7 I am .8 from being NORMAL! From the charts standards anyway.

I went from a sz 10/11 to a 8/9

I have no problems with food, I can eat  pretty much anything.. I can eat 1 slice of bread but I dont do that often.. I can eat a couple spoons of rice but again I dont do that often, I have not tried noodles I stay clear of those, I have yet to try a salad.. I am just not a big salad person. I have become so creative & much healthier with my cooking my husband says he feels like he is eating at a resturaunt. 

Starting Pic: 244
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I took these pics a couple days ago:
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GW 1: 200 COMPLETED! 193-Feb 15th 2011
GW 2: 160 COMPLETED! 160-May 12th 2011
GW 3: 140 COMPLETED! 140-June 17th 2011
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on 6/23/11 9:56 am - MD
 Beautiful, thanks for sharing. You sure are rockin' those blue jeans. 
on 6/23/11 9:58 am - Atlanta , GA
You are doing an awesome job! You pictures are an encouragement to me. I hope to look as good one day. Way to go!!
on 6/23/11 9:58 am
Gratz hon you look great
on 6/23/11 10:00 am
You look AMAZING!!!  Way to go!!  Seven months and almost 100lbs
You should be proud!!
on 6/23/11 10:06 am - MA
VSG on 01/12/12
Wow! You really look great!!

Banded on 11/02/06. Looking forward to a revision to VSG.  

on 6/23/11 10:11 am - Blaine, MN
VSG on 06/07/11 with
Way to go!!!
HW: 375 SW: 325 CW: 263 GW: 160
Pre-Surgery WL: 50lbs
sleeve genie
on 6/23/11 10:29 am - Alhambra, CA
Wow,  you look amazing,  you have done such a great job    good for you :o) jeani
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on 6/23/11 10:34 am - Buffalo, NY
Girl you look good...Done hopped up on your bed and errr thang!  Amazing how you transformed to a healthier, fit and trimmed looking You!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

on 6/23/11 10:43 am
 Great Job!  I hope I look as good as you do when I get to 140lbs!