Guess it's my turn for a stall whine....

on 6/24/11 1:32 am - Round Rock, TX
VSG on 02/17/11 with
So I have had some slow loss in the past 6 weeks or so.  I am just over 4 months out and all along I have had bounces like 2-3 lb for weeks on end - fine!  Do I like it? No.  Do I know it's part of the process? Yes. Knowing that my exercise is not yet anywhere close to what it should be, I have been taking it in stride.
My sleep has been crap and I am still dealing with menstrual **** (still waiting for my first period after hormonal intervention of my last 3 week long period).  But from yesterday to today I gained over 4 lbs - my goodness! the food and liquid I took in yesterday couldn't even have weighed 4 lbs non-the-less be worth 4 lbs of calories! Just whacky - ****** me off a bit, makes me feel guilty for not exercising more but that being said, not much else I can do but push through this - push water, get my protein in and GET MOVING!

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Valerie K.
on 6/24/11 2:34 am - Dearborn, MI
 This happens to all of us. I hate stalls but they do happen. I guess so our body will catch up with us. You will find inches come off so welcome the stall I try to but am not happy all the time lol. Congrats on your weight loss.
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on 6/24/11 2:45 am - San Jose, CA
I'll whine right along with you.. it sucks!

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on 6/24/11 2:59 am
Although I don't have the TOM issue....between the fat burning release of hormones, and the menstration issues, you must be crazed !!!! Those 4 pounds are probably hormonal based, and although they show on your scale, eventually they will disappear !!!

Just hang in there -- I know how frustrating this is....but one day, just as they appeared overnight, they will disappear too !!!
Briar Rose  
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on 6/24/11 6:32 am - MN
VSG on 03/14/11 with
I can agree and whine right along with you.  My scale hasnt moved all week. every morning nope - not even .2 of a lb.  But I just remind myself - I am exercising more - 2 days with a trainer, water aerobics once a week and walking 5 days a week, so it could be fat becoming muscle too.  Either way, I know I am not done with this journey and this too will pass. 
But like the cartoon - Patience HELL -  I want to kill something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on 6/24/11 9:10 am
Not much else to do but what you are doing now.  Keep the protein up, plenty of fluids, keep carbs down...even lower a little might help.  Don't forget to watch sodium too.  I will balloon up if I have too much sodium.

Are you checking your measurements?  I always lost lots of inches when the scale slowed.

Hang in there!
on 6/25/11 4:42 pm
take heart! Soon your stall will break, you will lose alot of poundage, then bingo, a new stall will set in. This whole experience for most of us is a few days of weight loss, followed by days and days and days of "maintenance". Maintenance is now my new word for stalls. I have got the maintenance stuff down pat. LOL!