on 6/28/11 6:03 am - Nashville, TN
 I'm .2 lbs away from Onederland!! I've been hovering around it for about a week. I am consumed with getting there, and pronto... Can't think about much else at the moment. Jeesh. Need to let it go, but after 7 months of working toward that as a major goal and being so close.... its driving me nuts. I'm hoping in the next couple days I'll be celebrating. Fingers crossed ya'll! 
on 6/28/11 6:56 am

and back at you with encouragement!!  congrats on the success of your journey so far... and early congrats for the onederland accomplishment that is just around the corner for you!!!
on 6/28/11 8:46 am - Lincoln, NE
Way to go and congrats. Hope to be in onederland myself in the not too distant future.
Rich Sonderegger