I've been "OK" with slow weight loss...until today

on 6/30/11 11:49 pm - Round Rock, TX
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I see my surgeon today at 4.5 months post - op.  Up until this week I have been taking the slow weight loss and "stalls" in stride, but now that I have to weigh in with my surgeon I am panicking! Crap!  Why haven't I been able to exercise more, yes, life has been getting in the way and I have had some hormonal issues but those are just excuses. It is hard to get past the barriers and road blocks I have put in my own mind and my irrational anxiety has got met stuck in a rut.  I just hate that I have not lost more weight in the past month or so...

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on 7/1/11 12:00 am - WI
56 lbs in 4 months isnt slow to me?   You were only 262 starting out, so dont compare your weight loss to someone who started out at a higher weight, if thats what you are doing.   Now, having said that....  Now is your chance to step it up and WOW your Dr. at your 6 month check up!


on 7/1/11 12:11 am - Austin, TX
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When I went and saw Dr. Marquez at 5 months, I was at 206. My surgery weight the day of surgery was 257. She thought i had done FANTASTIC! I was disappointed that I wasn't in onederland yet. She told me I'm going to continue to lose for 18 months after surgery and that I was doing great. She even called me one of her star patients.

Don't fret! She's not going to be upset with you!

Tell Destiny and Dr. Marquez that Kelley says hi!
on 7/1/11 1:06 am - Round Rock, TX
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Thanks Kelley, will do!

~*Sandy*~ Ht 5'7" HW 262/SW 254/GW 160/CW 155


Lori B.
on 7/1/11 12:25 am
If you average that out it's like over 3lbs per week. I think that's amazing and you should be proud. If you want to just kick up the exercise a bit. But don't be surprised if the loss slows from that. I noticed my loss slow way down when I kicked up the exercise more but I'm still losing inches and starting to see good definition in my muscles for the first time in years.


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on 7/1/11 12:38 am
 Bingo! You are doing great, and diet is the biggest factor in our weight loss, exercise helps our fitness, but unless you take up marathon running, it's the diet that shows the loss, not the workouts! 

on 7/1/11 1:31 am - Fort Wayne, IN
Here's some perspective ... it's taken me NINE MONTHS to lose 53 lbs preop!  Now that my friend is SLOOOOOW.   You, however, are NOT.

As we all know, the surgery fixes our outsides.  You've been working on the insides, the important part, the one between the ears.

After I have surgery, will you please talk to me about the problems I'll have that you will have worked your way through?


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on 7/1/11 1:45 am
We're all here to do that! (& congrats on dropping that much pre-op!!)
on 7/1/11 2:13 am - Lincoln, NE
Hang in there you are doing fine. Hope to join you down the road.
Rich Sonderegger