Kaiser patients especially richmond??

on 7/7/11 11:40 pm - SAN PABLO, CA
Hi my friend is having the sleeve done through kaiser and she is going through the richmond program I wanted to know the steps for her.  She is new to all of this and I wanted to help releave some of the stress for her.  Any and all help or advice would be great thanks... Especially if they make you take the options classes or classes at all, how long is the process, do they still require the 10% weight loss.
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Nicole S.
on 7/8/11 12:08 am - Vallejo, CA
I am guessing the Richmond program is similar to that of the one I am currently doing in South San Francisco.  I had to take the options classes, and then had a nutrition consult, and an NP consult before meeting with my surgeon.  I have heard they do, but I have also heard there is a way around it.  I am at the step where I meet with my surgeon now.  I have done the orientation, options, nutrtion and np consult.

Hope this is of some help to you 
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on 7/8/11 2:01 am - SAN PABLO, CA
thanks for replying how long was your option classes??
First Meeting with Surgeon:2/10/2011  weight was 460
Surgery Date:5/03/2011  Weight was 428
Revsion To RNY 06/26/2012 Weight 
Nicole S.
on 7/8/11 3:09 am - Vallejo, CA
My option class was a whole day - 2 classes with a meet up with the NP as well.  Just have her get her pre op lab work done that they schedule after orientation.
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Linda B.
on 7/8/11 2:32 am - CA
Hey Nicole. I had my surgery in S SF with Dr Li. Great surgeon...bedside manner...eh.
Kinda typical. Who is gonna be your surgeon? Mine went like wildfire after I finished the classes. I was expecting months and I was set up and done in weeks! Loved the process there. Went smoothly.
Good luck to you both!

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Nicole S.
on 7/8/11 3:07 am - Vallejo, CA
My surgeon is Dr. Alami.  I have my meeting with him July 26th, so who knows how much longer after that.  Thank you!  I can not wait
Height 5'1 HW- 320 SW-265 CW- 172.2 GW 140                                
on 7/8/11 2:53 am, edited 7/8/11 2:55 am - Harbor City, CA

I am Kaiser Harbor City.

I started options back in september 2010
I finished the first week of December. 2010
My surgery was Feb 1st 2011.

I have lost  78.5 pounds.

She must understand that the sleeve is a tool. Options and other therapy is
highly recommended.  There is OA,  or bariactric support groups, one on one
therapy, food feeling groups.  I do them ALL.  it helps with the mental part of it.

She needs to understand this is a life style change.  Some people have regrets
after surgery and she needs to be prepared for this.  It will pass from what I have
read and seen by others.  I just never went through it.

Also,  it may get confusing because one WLS patient doctors to the next may have different
food plans or suggestions in how to handle post up eating and stuff.  It also may be different
from options to your very own surgeon.  Please know this....All doctors/surgeons have
different remedies or food plans.  it doesnt make it right or wrong, just different.

Your friends success will be all on her and how she follows food plan.
There is a guy here by the name of frisco that says all the time  " Eat under your sleeves
Capacity"  its true.   she must follow food plan.  she must understand this is a tool and
we still need to work on our head and get support anyway she can.  OH is a huge part
of my support.

read read read OH and do a search typing in any topic you may have issues, concerns or just
plain want to know about something.  its all here...   .

private message me if you want to talk more or add me as a friend and lets meebo chat.


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