From a Vet: Sorry, I have been gone so long my VSG was Aug 2006

on 7/17/11 4:57 pm - Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
 I had to go back and check this date.  I have been active off and on this site up until approx 6 months ago, when I had some personal stuff (completely not WLS stuff) so I found I just didn't have the time and actually the desire like I had previously.  Anyways, I know that there are probably more people on the maintaining site that will know me, my name and story but I remember being pre -
WLS, that's where I really needed a vet to tell me what I could expect in the future.
So, Please if anyone has any questions about what life is lie at 1,2,3,4 and finally 5 years out please ask away.
I weighed 238 pounds on my surgery date., which was the end of August.  By March I weighed approx 140 and by May 23 2007 (my birthday) I weighed 124 pounds and as wearing a size 2,3 or 4 depending on designer.  I had a blast buying all new clothes and spent a small fortune that I still thrilled that  did!!! My husband and I had been childhood sweethearts, met at 15 and 2 great children and 3 weeks after my VSG surgery I found out he was having an affair.  So, I got out our visa and bought lots of clothes!!!!! He did end up paying for all of then and including the VSG surgery because he felt bad for leaving. He recently married the woman he had the affair and it definitely is not how I thought it would go after my surgery.  I thought we would get really close again and I would be in great shape and all would be great.  In fact the weight hard nothing to do with it,  He just didn't love me anymore.  I did met another man and after 3 years he asked me to marry me but I knew he wasn't the one for me.  It would have been a mistake.  I tell you all of this not to make you angry or sad.  But let's face it being single and possibly looking for a new man of quality is a hell of a lot easier when you are a size 4 than when I was a size 26.

I have lots of men ask me out.  In fact I have a first date tomorrow morning for breakfast.  We both happen to have the day off. Who knows maybe he may be the one.  I will let you know.  I feel great, the weight stayed off in the first 3.5 years with no effort at all.  Since then I have to watch my calorie intake just like the rest of the world.  But as long as I keep my calories under approx 1800 per day I can stay at a size 4 fairly easily. Some days I am not hungry at all and other days I wake up thinking about what i am going to have to eat.  It has been like that since the beginning.  I DEFINITELY still have a small tummy.  If I over eat even one bite I will start slimming to remind myself that my tummy s small and can only hold a small amount of food.  In the last 3 years I wouldn't say that my restriction in my stomach is the same and my grehlin levels are still keeping me from being hungry. I am having all my labs done in September.  I will post them when I get them back.  I do still start most days with a protein shakes with a banana.  I just enjoy it.
Okay so please ask any and all questions.  As a Vet I will do my best to tell you what my experience was.  Just one more thing... I did miss you!!!

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Hi wow you have done a great job keeping your weight down that's awsome .Iam just a little over two months out . The one thing i find i have a hard time with is getting all the meals and protein in on a daliy basis. but i am trying . it so good to hear from someone that is that far out and still keeping the weight off.  As for the other stuff that was just a curve in the road  and iam sure you will find someone soon.. Thanks for sharing 
on 7/17/11 8:44 pm
 I am so glad you decided to return because I feel your story and history is so valuable to us waiting to have or just having had the sleeve. I haven't seen many sleevers out as far as you. Sorry to hear about your marriage but it sounds like you are recovering very well. Enjoy your breakfast date!


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Hi Dianna.  Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on your fantastic success!  I do have a lost nearly 100 lbs by 7 months....did you follow your docs plan perfectly?  No cheating at all?  Did you exercise?  I've lost approx 87 pounds at 7 months out BUT have not followed "the plan" perfectly (stupid me I know).  Thanks again for taking the time to answer our questions.  Jennifer
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on 7/17/11 10:34 pm - Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
 Hi Jennifer,
During the first 7 months I never cheated at all.  Not even one time. I had very little interest in food  actually. However, the honest truth about exercise is that I didn't do any.  I certainly led a more active lifestyle because I was feeling more energetic with so much weight gone but I never did do any real formal exercise.  I wold do things like make sure I parked away from the store, I would walk to work, that kind of little stuff.  I still remember how great some things felt, like dropping my car keys and being able to pick them up easily.  Or getting in and out of my car without a thought.  Those kinds of things still today make me smile.
Obviously, it wouldn't be very good of me to recommend me to newbies not to exercise but I want to be honest about my specific story and this is how it is and was for me.  I exercise more now, going on hikes etc... But that is because I feel better and being at this weight allows me to do it with do much more ease.
I hope this helps,

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Welcome Back!
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thank you for sharing your story, its wonderful that through all the sadness and hell you went through you have still managed to keep to your sleeve and diet!! you're a strong woman!

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As I approach the three year mark, it is great to have someone five years out to say regain is not foretold! Thank you for sharing!!

 I am still loving life with my sleeve! Been maintaining at or below goal for over 4 years!
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 Congrats and thanks for sharing.  Your story is a perfect example for those that think losing weight will fix everything else that is going wrong in their lives.  Weight loss is just that.  The rest is up to you and your head.  Amazing success!
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So happy to see you on here again! Welcome back friend!
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