How long after surgery does it take for the burps to go away?

on 7/18/11 12:02 am - LA
I am a week out and still have alot of burps when sipping anything.  Does this go away or get better any time soon?  They are really bothersome. Thanks....  Just nor sure what I should expect.
on 7/18/11 12:54 am - MI
I'm almost 9 weeks out and I still have the burps from time to time but only when I eat too fast or too much. Are you on Antacids?? Those seem to help me alot.

It will get better - I promise~ 

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Ms. Poker Face
on 7/18/11 6:52 am
It gets better!  The first two days, I burped after every sip.  At day 5, I was burping every other sip.  At 2 weeks, I was burping every 4 oz or so.  Now, at almost 4 weeks out, I still burp, but less often.  Maybe once every 8 oz and then after I eat.  Feels good to get the air out!


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