15 Months - New Pics & Random Thoughts

on 7/18/11 11:27 pm - Bonner Springs, KS
Tomorrow will be my 15 Month Surgiversary.  Not much has changed in the last couple of months.  I have hovered around 130 which is my goal and I'm very happy.  However, when I took pictures last night to post, I didn't like the way I looked in the picture.  Now we all know we never like pictures when we are heavy, but I can still find tons of stuff I'm not happy with.  Having lost 115 lbs. I think this is ridiculous, but mind games are a *****  Now looking at before and after photos, that is a different story.  I can definitely see the difference.

I  have found that I enjoy to socialize and party more now then ever before.  I have to watch my alcohol consumption, because I can drink a lot in one setting.  I won't remember it the next day, but I can do it.  I'm trying to get out and live life as much as possible.  I've switched my excersice from mostly cardio to weights.  Trying to tone and define.  Anyway, proof is in the pictures, so here you go.  For all the newbies, I was selfpay and would do it over again 100 X's.  Love my new life and sleeve!!!!  No regrets!!

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on 7/18/11 11:34 pm
 Thanks so much for sharing----very inspirational!  I am on my 1 week surgiversary and your story along with many others are very motivational!  Keep enjoying life and best wishes!
VSG- 7/12/11  HW-252 SW-225  CW-186
on 7/19/11 1:04 am - Bonner Springs, KS
Thanks!  One of the best things about VSG is enjoying life more.
                                             Living until I die!
on 7/19/11 12:22 am
Inspirational !!!!

You look fabulous, healthy, and are glowing !!!
Briar Rose  
High Wt 300 lbs.  Pre-op Wt loss 34 lbs.   
on 7/19/11 1:05 am - Bonner Springs, KS
Thanks!  I don't know about glowing, but I have the raccoon eye thing working pretty well.
                                             Living until I die!
on 7/19/11 12:49 am
YAY Vera! Congratulations! You look FABULOUS! I love the rock fountain on your porch and your puppy dogs are precious! You look amazing and should be SO proud of yourself! I wish I could get to 130. I'm at 157, which was my original goal. How tall are you?
on 7/19/11 1:07 am - Bonner Springs, KS
I'm 5'4" and I stalled around 150 for a while.  Then checked myself to make sure I was following the rules, buckled down and started dropping again.  You can do it!!
                                             Living until I die!
on 7/19/11 1:12 am - MN
Vera, you look awesome!! Congrats!!!
  Age 49 Height 5'5" HW/280 SW/250 CW/157  
Behind every success is effort...Behind every effort is passion...Behind every passion is someone with the courage to try.
on 7/19/11 2:04 am - Bonner Springs, KS
Thanks!  I'm really trying to tone my arms now.  It's proving to be very difficult.
                                             Living until I die!
on 7/19/11 2:17 am - Bonner Springs, KS
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