I can't seem to get my vitamins to go down!

on 7/19/11 1:34 pm - LA
I am one week out and they told me today to start on my vitamins.  The ones that I have to swollow don't seem to want to go down and preop I did not have a problem with this ever.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
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on 7/19/11 1:43 pm
Try taking them with something a little thicker like a shake, but if they still don't go- wait another week or so, or try breaking them.. I couldn't swallow some horse-pills till about a month. Smaller ones were ok.. plus vites early out made me puke.
on 7/19/11 2:00 pm - Sacramento, CA
Buy chewable vitamins, like Centrum Chewables.


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on 7/19/11 2:13 pm
My doc said not to worry about it the first month and then swallow or chew chewables.  Good luck!

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on 7/19/11 2:41 pm, edited 7/20/11 1:25 am - Four Corners, NM

liquid, chewies, sublingual, caps

BUTT thee best way.....MAXIMUM GLUTTEOUS!! lmao! seriously!.

ETA: make sure you wet yer whistle FIRST before takin a CAP right.
Pill forms..can dissolve in a bit of water FIRST...add to some sf puddin or other food to mask any nasty aftertaste
Can crush SOME pill forms or OPEN caps and add to a food too.
I take some oral supps at night esp Bs ..so I ain't peein em out all day with activity!

NEVER EVER...CRUSH enteric coated pills (kinda a sugar coated pill with a hard shell)

I was using CAPSULE form vits n minerals since gettin home 3 days post op.
and generic TUMS just post op to get my calcium in. Yeah Yeah its carbonate...and I won't get into a carbonate vs. citrate war now.

At two weeks out I got the go-ahead to take other supplements like FISH OIL! huge horse pills right! Never a problem...so see it DOEST get BETTER!!
With Calcium citrate (citrical)...huge horse pills right...I'll chew em (chalky taste like DIRT!), or dissolve FIRST in water or a lil ACV... then slug it down or add to food like SF pudding/carbmasters yogurt. I can't stand the thought of any pill SITTIN in my tiny tummy WHOLE..so I chew em, crush. Can purchase a pill crusher like $5 at Walmart or like me I'll put it in an envelope and get my HAMMER out! lmao!

Chewies are GREAT!! some brands taste like crap! at GNC...they have some great tastin cal citrate chewies and multivits.
Ive used LIQUID vits n mins too PLANT EARTH makes a great liquid multivit cherry flavor...natural, stevia in it (gotta refrigerate it tho!) the Bs in it are methylcobalmin too! which reminds me..
On yer SUBLIGUALS...that B12...look for methylcobalamin and NOT cyanocob..

and SERIOUSLY...look into a MULTI/COMPLETE PROBIOTIC with as many strains, and highest count possible post op..them are GOOD BUGS..no better way to replenish, and get em in there! Take for a couplea months, take before bed too! (less HCL action goin on!)..During VSG we're on IV antibiotics KILL ALL GOOD and BAD BUGS we have ..hence, gas, digestive probs, constipation, diarrhea, GERD, candida, disease processes ...YOUR digestive n immune system (75% in your intestines- our second brain!) will thank YOU!! Feed em fiber DAILY...like pysillum (SF metamucil) or benefiber, soybeans, oatmeal (rolled never instant) , wheat (if ya ain't gluten intolerant) onions, garlic, artichokes on and on...
fiber feeds them good guys! So they get strong and overpower those bad bugs that get in us soooo easily everyday (foods esp. meats n produce and contaminants in water)!

You'll get this! We all do...sooner or later ,-)

Peace out cub scout!
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on 7/19/11 9:27 pm - Orland Hills, IL
Shove a vitamin up my ass??????? LOL I'll stick to chewables thankyouverymuch!!!!!!!!
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on 7/20/11 12:33 am - Four Corners, NM
 I know right...I haven't ever done it...but IT IS!! thee most effective way to get MAXIMUM absorption
how convenient when we have such problems with swallowing initially or malabsorption (like us bari peeps have!) I s'pose that's why they make em in suppository form.
even with VSG we malabsorp some vits,mins, enzymes to an extent...that require a normal stomach to absorb

If my labs were jacked with oral supplementation, believe me I'd be packin sum heat ...err my vits n minerals ,-)
on 7/20/11 12:38 am - Silver Spring, MD
Buy a pill crusher. I got one near the pharmacy at Wal mart. I couldn't get those calcium pills to go down so I crush them and add them to Greek yogurt.
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