Jan G.
on 7/19/11 6:45 am - WI

Ok after fighting my insurance to pay for all appts THEY required, a glitch which added 4 more months on.. I FINALLY got my surgery date: tat ta daaaahh...
Friday, Aug 5th!!!

I have not told my siblings, I am a widow, live alone, but my sister & her hubby live next door, literally in a side by side. I dont want an "intervention" so will do so in an updated email.

Do you think I'll do ok during the daytime alone? I have MS, and severe spinal stenosis so I will be using my 4 wheel rollator to get around. I also am having an umbilical hernia repair. Will I be loopy do you think?

The doc's coordinator has messed up several times and even "forgot" to add my hernia repair AFTER I called and reminded her right before she sent in my paperwork. Thank goodness the scheduler was able to add on the time. I want to scream at this coordinator (works for the surgeon) as she said to me, "Why did you want the hernia repair?" Want it? aaah.. no, but surgeon thought he could repair it at same time. ANd I would like it paid for by insurance. GEEZ

Ok.. calming down. I will have more questions as I get closer. Thanks for all responses and support..whew...


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Ms. Poker Face
on 7/19/11 7:40 am
Congrats!! You are almost there!  Aug 5 will be here before you know it.

As for being ok during the daytime, it really depends on how you feel given you other medical conditions.  If you've got your sister close by or others that you can call in the event you need something, that is typically good enough.  Just keep a phone ON YOU in case you need to call someone fast.

Good luck!


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on 7/19/11 8:10 am
It is helpful the first few days to have someone nearby.  If you need help getting up, reaching or lifting something that weighs more than a few pounds, picking up the stuff you inevitably drop, etc.

Congrats on your approval.  Good luck!
Jan G.
on 7/19/11 10:38 am - WI
Thanks for your responses and good advice. Between my spinal stenosis pain and MS leg issues, I keep my phone on me. Plus, I will have folks to check in with..And my sister is home by 5pm. Her hubby is here during day if I really need some immediate aid.

I just told my family via email update. I was soo thorough on my decision and investigation that my one brother complimented me on my endeavors.

Thanks again! Jan

VSG: 08/05/2011   Age 62   5 foot:  HW: 207    SW 194   CW 156