2 questions...what to eat and how often??

on 7/23/11 7:09 am - LA
I am about 12 days out and am on full liquids now, pudding, yogurts, milk, applesauce and low fat cream soups.  My questions are how much do you eat and how often did you try and eat some of these things?  Some of it I have just taken a few bites and felt it in my throat so stopped but don't want to not try them and also don't want to do too much either.  Also on another note does anyone have some suggestions for protein drinks recipes that taste somewhat good?  Thanks....
on 7/23/11 7:43 am
Today is my day 12 also.  Each of the pudding, yogurts, milk (skim only)  and strained cream soup only 1 each a day, 1/2 cup each. So you divide them up just as you would 3 meals and a couple of snacks during the day.  I had this information given to me by my doctors office that did the surgery.  I have to be 14 days out before I can start.

I like the protein premium drinks you can get from Costco.
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Cristina S.
on 7/23/11 9:07 am - New Britain, CT
There's some yummy recipes on Eggface's blog.