Lost 100 lbs!!

on 7/28/11 8:50 am
Had my 5 month check up yesterday and came in at 99.6 lbs lost!  My NUT and I had a good laugh about how I will have to wait until this morning's "constitutional" before bragging about my 100 lbs gone. 

So, here I am, moving much faster and farther than before, 2 sizes smaller in pants, 3 sizes down in tops (partly because I'm not so inclined to wear tents to hide me anymore), healthier, lighter and happier.  

Thanks for letting me vent in a good way, and thanks for sharing all your milestones.  I get such a kick out of everyone's good news. 
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on 7/28/11 8:52 am
Congrats!! I was going to yell to update your ticker but you just did!
on 7/28/11 9:41 am - annapolis county, Canada
congrats. i can not wait till i get to say the same. will have to wait till the new year for different reasons but want to have all in a row for than CONGRATS again

susan palmer    
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on 7/28/11 9:57 am
Congrats!!! What great progress. Keep it up!
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on 7/28/11 10:02 am - MN

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on 7/28/11 10:19 am
I am right behind you - only 12 pound to go before 100 lost.
Good luck in the future  - i'm sure it just gets better and better.

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on 7/28/11 10:38 am - Canada
 Wow way to go from newfoundland,canada...having surgery late this fall or early next year and can't wait..i am at 355 lbs and have been this weight for the last 9 years...thats the first time I saw Dr.pace and at that time there was no funding for the surgeries but as of this year its fully funded..so my time is coming....
what type of food do you eat and what about the liduid diet before surgery and after...any info is a help to me...
on 7/28/11 10:53 am - Austin, TX
Wow! Congrats, that's amazing!

Send those loser vibes my way (just a few, you can spare a few right?) :)

SO happy for you, that must feel amazing!

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on 7/28/11 11:06 am - Kenner, LA
Congrats!!  So happy for you, you are doing great!! 

I would love to be 100lbs less by Halloween, or Christmas..

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on 7/28/11 11:12 pm - LaPorte, TX
You are doing great!!!
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