blood sugars

on 7/31/11 12:28 am - LA

My blood sugars seem to be all over the place and actually higher alot higher than before I was sleeved 3 weeks ago?  Anyone have this problem, hoping it is just my system is messed up and will get better but makes me nervous!

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on 7/31/11 1:24 am - MO
I wonder if this is going on with me. I have been feeling light headed and dizzy. My surgery was Monday the 25th. I haven't checked my sugar will today.
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on 7/31/11 2:07 am - Woodbridge, VA
It's normal (frustrating, but normal) for glucose levels to bounce around a bit while healing. Stress can cause an increase in glucose levels, and you've just undergone major surgery.

Also, what are you eating/drinking? Some folks come out of surgery and sort of unintentionally end up takin in more carbs than ideal during liquid/puree/mushy phases because of things that are easy to eat like mashed potatoes, soft pasta, sugary yogurts, fruit juices, etc.

Things should settle down as you heal. Make sure you're staying well hydrated (lots of water!), and, if you're on diabetes meds or insulin, talk to your PCP or endo about adjustments that may be needed.
on 7/31/11 2:40 am - Four Corners, NM

Have ya talked w/ yer PCP , surgeon about your concerns?  Maybe need to see an endocrinologist.
Take a good look at your diet it here ...maybe we can help ya!  Are they worse in am or throughout the day?

My bs (blood sugar!! lmao) stabilized 2 days post op n  I was eatin SF (asparatame=insulin spikes) laden crap almost all day too! I rarely ate fruit (another massive culprit for us that fructose!)

.....have ya tried ONLY protein shake/ protein snack BEFORE bed  and protein shake/protein ONLY  within an HOUR after wakin up in the morning? 

i.e.  carbmasters vanilla yogurt (Krogers, smiths, ralphs) or greek yogurt...throw a scoop of your protein powder in it.
IF ya don't have UNFLAVORED PROTEIN SUPPS (highly recommended!!) use what you DO have!
I put UNFLAVORED protein powder in almost EVERYTHING yeah to this day! chili beans, in soups..and even on my salads HA!!

Keep EATING all day long even if you don't feel like it!  ...and you avoid bs spikes. Skipping meals is DISASTROUS for us!

every few hours have a protein SNACK (cheese lo-fat string, babybell, laughing cow wheels/wedges, a tbs of creamy natural peanut butter, nut butters)
MINI MEALS... 75% of yer meal should be PROTEIN (chicken, tuna, turkey, egg salad ) ...THEN a bit of steamed mushed whatever COMPLEX VEGGIE broccoli, asparagus, soybeans, cremed spinach, legumes  

It MAY take ya awhile to tweak this! Your body is definately reacting and many times Ive gotten scared because of HEALING sensations, feeling em, getting outside my "old" comfort zone...come to find out its part of the PROCESS!

Don't despair! ...frustratin, and scary as hell no doubt..but have PATIENCE diabetes resolution w/ VSG is sumthin like 78%!  Im one of em! this huge step you took w/ VSG....Im SURE yer gonna be one too!