A little over 5 months out!

on 7/31/11 12:51 pm
Okay so here is my update!  I am about 5 months and 1 week out.  I started out at 280 but I lost 80 pounds before I went and had the surgery done.  I went in at about 199lbs and I am now 153 pounds!  I am loving it!  I was a VERY tight size 18 when I went in and I am now a size 6.  I was in an XL shirt and now I am S-XS depending on the brand.  I was an 42E and I am now a 36B (that one was a shocker!).  I can eat almost anything I want (bacon and Krispy Kremes make me super sick!) but I chose better and actually want the healthy stuff.  I run every morning now and look good doing it.  Lol.  I did lose hair but I loved it because mine was super thick and now it is perfect!   When I did not go down in weight I went down in pant sizes and when I did not go down in pant sizes I went down in weight.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new body and so does my hubby;)  He is gone for training with the Army so I am hoping to be at my goal weight when he gets back in December which I am about 14 pounds away from my doctors and 33 away from mine..  I seriously feel great and the only side effect I have had is reflux but I pop a pill for that and I am good and I would so much rather do that!  This is the best thing I did for myself and I am so happy I did it. 
Nancy B.
on 7/31/11 1:11 pm - Bridge City, TX
VSG on 08/27/11 with
Wow, you've done great!  What an inspiration to this pre-op!
HW 238    Starting Weight 227   Surgery Weight 212   CW 155
Height 5'5"            Lost 9 lbs. pre-op, and another 6 lbs. on the liquid diet.
on 7/31/11 1:18 pm

the 80 pounds pre-op is amazing in itself, but add it all up, and you are kicking some booty!

i have lot 61 lbs since surgery day, and just past 24 weeks on Thursday. i had 150 lbs total to lose, and lost 8 pre-surgery, so i am at 69 lbs. total. i really can't wait to get to a size 6!! yeah for you!!