Very Thankful

Jeanne T.
on 8/3/11 5:49 am
Well within the last 24 hrs I have been denied for surgery.  Wrote an appeal. (Thanks to Brenda). Had a call back from my wonderful clinic ins person, who is having the Dr. write a letter to go along with my letter and send it in for me by next week.  It's been a roller coaster of emotions but all in all life is soooooo sweet.  Now I can go on vacation today and not worry about anything except having a wonderful time with my family.  Thank you for all the help OH family,

on 8/3/11 8:29 am
Nothing really worth having is easy.  Best wishes.
on 8/3/11 11:25 am - MN
Jeanne, I am so glad that the appeal letter helped you out. This really is an emotional time, but relax on your vacation and have a good time.
Best Wishes,