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So, I have always had exercise as part of my life - even times when I was at my highest weight.  In 2007 I started triathlon training and completed 2 sprint and 2 mini-sprint triathlons in the summer of 2008.  That fall I started being troubled with some injuries, shin splints, plantar faciitis and my workouts slowed down to a trickle. Over the following year and a half I developed a mild case of exercise anxiety - I was gaining weight and my body was letting me down, I couldn't keep up with my bootcamp class anymore and left class several times in tears. I have had 3 years in a row of surgeries in February (2009-gall bladder, 2010 planter fasciotomy & 2011-VSG). I have some discomfort when exercising (knee, other foot) but not enough to keep me from exercising. I still have an irrational fear to exercising and do no trust my body to perform.

I am now in the middle of a weight loss plateau and this has got to be where the rubber meets the road! I need my workouts, I also need to enjoy my workouts but fear of my body not being able keep up or even endure the most moderate of workouts is paralyzing me! Working out used to help me feel so much stronger, but I am afraid to try - I can't even really define exactly what I am scared of - but I am scared! I have tried to take some simple classes like Zumba but I flake out and attend only when I can get up enough courage and there is no enjoyment there. Maybe if I get some personal training until I have a little more confidence in my body's ability to exercise?  I don't know...

Anyone else ever experienced this? Have any suggestions on how to proceed?

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Okay, you have your list of why NOT, so what about this.

Why not make a goal SO ATTAINABLE that its insane to think about at first, and then build up?

You are saying those huge chunks of things give you angst, why not say "OKAY!!  for 15 minutes EVERY DAY I am going to hike my booty around the block".   15 minutes, you say? B what the hell is that going to do? That isnt going to make any difference!!

Brown flag on the play I say!  its SOMETHING and all the big plans of going to classes are getting you BUPKIS, so!  Why not break it down into baby bite sizes? 

Cuz here is what is true about me, the more I AFFIRM that I am AFRAID and NOT GOOD at a thing, the more i STAY afraid and not good.  So, I need to do SOMETHING so I can AFFIRM that I CAN do *this* thing, and I have room to grow, I dont HAVE to be shamed, or guilted, or skurd into not doing ALL of it.

Know what I mean jellybean?  Start *some*where!! 

You can do this thing.  Start yourself a habit of doing SOMETHING consistently.  When you tell yourself you are going to DO a thing, and you DO it, then you PROVE to yourself that you keep your word.

When you tell yourself you are going to do something and you keep lagging or bailing (for *whatever* reason) that ***** with you on your insides, ESPECIALLY if you identify yourself as a person who keeps their word. 

Be good to you!!  Start SMALL but START!!  And be consistent!  Put smilies or stars on your calendar!  Tell yourself you dont have to WANT to, you just need to do it! 

You are doing this thing!  You need outcome based habits!  Pick one thing you CAN do NOW and do that thing then build!!

The rubber has been meeting the road this whole time.  Now isnt time to panic.  Now is time to see what is REASONABLE for you to do, and do that thing!

GO babygirl gooo!

**edit to add an important thing - if  your ego is dicking with you that 15 minutes a day isnt enough, you holler bull**** loud as you can.  It doesnt MATTER what you used to be able to do, what MATTERS is what you WILL do CONSISTENTLY!!

gooooo!!  I am proud on you for asking for help, and I am proud on you for doing all of this!  Courage is doing a thing while you are being afraid, and you have been courageous like crazy, this is NOTHING compared to so much you have ALREADY shown yourself brave and courageous about!

What kind of something can you do and not need to pass out from panic?  Walk around the block?  Do air squats at home?  Do pushups and triceps dips on furniture at home? 

Come on, lets brainstorm this! 
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Thank you so much! I really miss being active but my mind and thoughts have been getting in the way. If I start doing then I won't feel the need to "think" about doing so much! I also want to stop being hung up that I have this issue right now along with the "this isn't like me" thoughts.

Your response will be a help to me - thanks again!

~*Sandy*~ Ht 5'7" HW 262/SW 254/GW 160/CW 155


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When you miss it, you speak out loud that you WILL be active again, that you ARE being active!!! 

And when those "this is not like me" thoughts show up, you speak to them "how it is now is NOT how its always going to be"

Sometimes we talk ourselves into stagnation, it is not our *intent* but it IS our habit!  You speak the things to you that you WANT to do and be.  And then set yourself and REDONKULOUS goal that if you try and back out, you can see yourself, you can snort heartily and say NO WAY JOSE! Do not be a silly goose, we are doing its just X minutes and HERE WE GO!

You are welcome girlie.  Taking thoughts captive and repeating good and helpful things over words that keep us stuck is *so important* in this journey!  In life! But definitely on this side of surgery!

Be good to you!  Be kind to your body and tell it you are going to shake its bootay!  :} 

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My counselor really helped me get over my exercise issues.  Her advice is to treat exercise the same way that you treat your job.  Stop treating it as an "optional" activity and start treating it as a "required" activity.

Most days I don't really leap out of bed and feel overjoyed about going to work.  Sometimes I am anxious about working.  Sometimes I dread going in.  I would rather hang out at home with my daughter and my dog.  I'm in the process of getting back to school to find something more fulfilling, but it's not going to happen overnight.

Regardless of my FEELINGS about work, I get up every morning and go.  I don't choose to call in sick because I don't feel like going.  I am a reliable, hard worker and I show up every day.

This is the way I think about going to the gym, too.  If I really don't FEEL like it, I give myself permission to exercise less when I get there, but I usually don't.  Once I get there, I'm fine.  I am a regular exerciser who goes to the gym three times a week.

Trite, but true:  Just Do It.
" I am not at all concerned with appearing to be consistent. In my pursuit after Truth I have discarded many ideas and learnt many new things."  Ghandi