ahh one month out and when does this stop?

on 8/12/11 5:50 am - LA
One month out today and I am doing well...lost 25 lbs but every single time I try to eat anything and I take really small bites and take my time, I get still the belching over and over like it has not set well in there or something.....goes away after awhile but makes me not want to try and eat anything.  I am following all directions....does this sound right or does it ever stop or get less???  Thank you in advance.
on 8/12/11 6:03 am
I'm looking forward to the answer to this also. I am 3 weeks out today and feel the same way!
on 8/12/11 6:06 am - LA
Belching is my full sign, when I eat, at the first belch is when I stop eating! I have also heard this alot from others! I don't know if that's what you have but that's what the belching is for me!
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on 8/12/11 6:12 am - LA
I don't think it is a full sign since it is after just a bite or so and believe me they are small bites..... but I can tell you if I drink my protein a little too fast it happens alot too and then I think it may be full but not just on a bite of cracker. thanks
on 8/12/11 6:51 am
5 months out I still belch when I eat too fast or too much. I know you say it is after small amounts but realize that even at a month out, your stomach is still swollen. It may take a few months for things to settle to your new normal. 1 month out, depending on the food, 1 bite could have easily been all I could handle in a small period. I would suggest trying to halve your bite size, with a little longer between bites to see how it goes. Also, get in the habit of measureing your portions and bites now as the furthur along you go the more you will need it.
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on 8/12/11 7:21 am - CA
I think it will go away soon.  I was the queen of burps for a few weeks there.  I don't do it very much anymore unless I eat too much or too fast
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on 8/12/11 8:33 am - Ballston Lake, NY
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I'm 3 months out, and it is still a problem for me....I'm not eating too much and I try to eat very slow...

It also happens when just drinking sips of water, so I think it is just my "new normal" unfortunately...

Then again, nothing really "sits well" for me....so I just have to push through or I'd never eat or drink, and then I'd be in more trouble...

I'm really hoping that the further I get out, the less problems I will have with this....hopefully, for you too...

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on 8/12/11 1:32 pm - LA
I hope it gets better for you too.  Nothing sits too well for me either and I am not on meats or anything like that.  Guess thats all we can do for now is push through it...ahhhhh  we will get through this part!!
Marcia B.
on 8/12/11 10:38 am - CA
I too am a month post-op and I get belching as well, and I have found now that it is when I eat or swallow to much at once.  I think I am eating slow enough but I have slowed down even more and it has seemed to help so far.  It also depends on how dense the food is, I belch more for meat and less for say like cheese.
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on 8/12/11 1:34 pm - LA
I am not eating meats yet but even on a cracker or a tiny piece of cheese it seems to happen...I am just hoping it lessons as time goes on.  good luck to you!