Can this be contributing to my stall??

on 8/15/11 11:47 pm - Round Rock, TX
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I just occurred to me that this stall began after my last (very light) period that I had after I was put on progesterone for 10 days to stop heavy bleeding. I have not had a period for 2 months now - and I have been sticking like glue to 205 lbs since June 22nd - sometimes going as low as 203 but always going back up to 205 every other day or so.  OK - maybe I am reaching, but it may be just one contributing factor - along with the stress of moving into a new house, seasonal allergies kicking my butt (and causing me to go back on CPAP) and taking in more carbs than I should (yeah, this is probably the biggest reason).

I have started to exercise regularly - walking for 30 minutes a day and working on increasing the intensity, so I am on the right path.

Thanks for reading ...just thinking out loud 'cuz I am a bit frustrated. I will figure this out eventually.

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on 8/15/11 11:50 pm - PA
((hugs)) I have no clue about your question, just wanted to commiserate because I'm stuck at about the same weight as you! Maybe time to try a new routine to switch things up a bit? Increase your water and protein and keep getting that regular exercise and I'm certain that when your body is ready that scale will be moving in no time. :)
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on 8/15/11 11:53 pm
Carbs and stress are more than likely a heavier contributor to a stall or losing slowing down.

However, there have been several posts on here about women that go on hormonal bc post-op and either their weight loss slows down dramatically or they see a gain.

And, then again, it could just be a stall, but evaluating what you are putting in your body, and getting back to basics might give you the results you desire.
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on 8/16/11 1:25 am
The meds, the hormones, the stress, the new exercise routine could all be a factor.  Oh.. and the carbs.  I don't usually suggest this, but try messing with your caloric intake since other than the carbs you can't change a whole lot. Are you logging?  Try playing around by upping or lowering your cals.  You could also try upping your protein (which may up your cals too) and stay away from the carbs for awhile.  And one more thing... never count the ups, just the downs.  You are sitting happily at 203, you just have to get it to move down :)
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