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on 8/22/11 12:47 pm
 Ok so I am scheduled for surgery in 5 weeks and my husband and I have been playing with protein powders. I can not seem to find one that doesnt clump alot. I have trid warming my skim milk and also making it super cold and even room temp.  No luck! Also I have not found a decent unflavored one to cook with.  Any suggestions?
I cant fail this and I am terified that I will fail.  What will my kids think of me then!? Bad enough being the fat lady's kids.

Help please 
on 8/22/11 1:04 pm
What are you using to mix the powder and liquid?  You may want to look into a stick blender, regular blender or magic bullet type machine.  The only down side is that these do tend to create some foam which you may or may not like.  Also try a fork for stirring - I tried this at someone's suggestion and while not perfect it did a decent job. 

If there's a Costco near you - I would suggest purchasing some ready-to-drink Premier chocolate protein drinks - will run about $24 for 18 servings...

Best of luck

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on 8/22/11 1:10 pm
 Thanks so much! i never even considered my stick blender.  I have been getting so flustered with the fork (like you said not great) and my foamy bullet.  Im a texture nut and th grity texture jut doesn't fly.  lol 
really happy for the feedback thanks so much 
on 8/22/11 1:52 pm - Nashville, TN
I never mastered the protein powders myself.  I had surgery 5 months ago and am quite happy using the ready to drink variety.  I like the CarbAdvantage brand from Walmart, less than $5 for a 4 pack.  I keep a few packs at work, and have two each day for breakfast and lunch, along with a boiled egg.  Not very creative, but effective.

Try not to worry about failure.  Not only will you succeed, you will be amazed how much weight you lose in the first 6 weeks.  Most people who have the sleeve are successful, accept that you will be one of those successful people and enjoy!!
on 8/22/11 7:17 pm - Harbor City, CA
At first I lived off the premier ready to drink shakes.
Can you do something like that...   ready made shake?>

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on 8/22/11 11:30 pm
Buy pre-made premier chocolate shakes , Costco and Sams both carry them 30 gr protien 1 gr sugar . A great source and tastes good too.

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on 8/24/11 11:34 am
 thanks so much. i did pick up some premeir shakes and what a difrence i aslo bought a diffrent powder and hubby even bought me a new submersible blender(i knew he loved me).  things seem to be going up! yay. now if i could figure a way to nix the nerves!!!