6 months after surgery -

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Sorry still need to upload my before surgery photo. I have been stalled at the same weight for over 2 month now  but I am still down 60 lbs since surgery - hoping to lose 40 more!

August 2011
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on 8/24/11 5:26 am - LA
You look wonderful! Congrats and keep rockin' that sleeve!
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congrats Sandy! You look gorgeous honey!
Lori B.
on 8/24/11 5:31 am
You look beautiful! Go girl!


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WOWZA!! You look great! 
Hey - same thing with me - my freakin' scale isnt moving either - it hasn't moved since some time in July.  You made me feel so much better.  I keep thinking that this is it for me.
on 8/24/11 8:01 am
 You look wonderful!!! Pretty dress! Congrats!


on 8/24/11 9:35 am
 You're doing great, ull lose them in no time... I HOPEEEE!

I'm stalled for a month as well, also 6 months out.. i want 10lbs more but they're not coming off so hopefully its a matter of time for both of us :))

keep it up
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on 8/24/11 10:13 am
Wow, look at those thin arms! You are rocking that sleeveless dress!