Ever have a day that gave you reflux all day!

on 9/1/11 9:28 am - LA
I have had gurgling and burping and reflux all day today and have not eaten anything.  I am about 7 weeks or so out and yesterday I ate a few little tiny pieces of watermelon and tomato...could that do it and last so long??
on 9/1/11 9:39 am - CA
I have been feeling the same way last couple of days. Had cucumbers and tomatoes and I think that has done it. Sucks! Lesson learned
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on 9/1/11 10:51 am - LA
Not sure, but maybe the acid in the tomatoes since both of you ate them.

on 9/1/11 12:04 pm
Are you taking a PPI ? You can easily chew up a tums and see if that helps. I take a PPI every morning. If something sets me off, I suck on a tums, and that usually settles tummy down, if not, I have dr. ok to take a second prilosec at night too.
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