When will it stop?

on 9/6/11 4:11 am - AZ
I have been losing a lot of hair for the past few months.  I keep thinking it will stop soon but it is still really bad. I had very thick hair prior to this and thought that losing a little hair may not be such a bad thing, but I am really looking thin now (on my body a good thing, hair - not so good)   So, is it going to stop soon or do I need to go wig shopping?

BTY - I am 4 lbs from goal now. Thrilled with my new body!
on 9/6/11 4:18 am - CT
I read a post about a week ago where someone said there is a vitamin supplement that helps that a lot.
You could probably search for hair loss supplement/vitamin or just do another post with that question.
Wish I could help more but I'm just a newbie.

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on 9/6/11 4:24 am - AZ
Yah - I read that too and as a newbie, it's great that you saw it now. I can't say this loud enough to you - DO IT FOR YOURSELF - .  I'm just afraid it may be too late for me. Vitamins and supplements take a while to start working, and I'm thinking I may have to go wig shopping within the next few weeks if this doesn't stop.  Honestly, I'm trying to find out IF it stops at all.
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on 9/6/11 4:30 am
Lol, I think I just answered this on another post of yours.. !
on 9/6/11 5:56 am - CA
Hi there, just curious if you found an answer to the hair loss. I am having surgery in a month and already have thin hair. I would love to take a supplement if there is one out there. Please let me know. Thanks so much.
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on 9/6/11 5:57 am
Scroll down just a little bit, there's a post that explains the hair deal.. here's the link.

http://www.obesityhelp.com/forums/vsg/4447122/Interesting-in fo-on-hair-loss/
on 9/6/11 5:57 am
Not to be a downer but my hair still falls out and Im almost a year and a half out. I take biotin but it doesnt seem to help.

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on 9/6/11 7:39 am - MD
I take Biotin too. my nails are growing, however I do not know about my hair I wear extentions.... hahahahaha... good luck...