6 Months - Honeymoon Stage

on 10/5/11 1:35 pm
To take full advantage of the sleeve and the 1st 6 months which I understand is crucial time to loose the most weight.  I want to loose 100 lbs.  What exercise plans has everyone adopted?  Is anyone working with a personal trainer? 

Can any of you that have had an excellent weight lost during the 1st 6 -12 months post your exercise regimen.  If you don't mind sharing.  Sometimes it hard knowing where and how to start.  How much weight to lift and the amount of reps to get results. then I know you have to switch up the work outs because your body won't respond the same way.

Any help in this area is appreciated.  12 Days left before surgery.

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on 10/5/11 1:52 pm - FL
I walked until I was cleared for more strenuous exercise.  After that, I began interval training on the treadmill.  I have been doing strength training with a personal trainer for 5 months.  I do cardio 6 days a week and train 3 days a week. We do a lot of 'functional' training and work on the core.  My last few workouts have REALLY worked my abs.  I feel like they've been ripped to shreds, but I have to say it's a good kind of hurt.

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on 10/5/11 9:29 pm, edited 10/5/11 9:53 pm
i did walking until i was cleared for heavy workout, which was after 2 months post op , till then i used to go for 5 km of walk and made it a point to finish my walk in 1 hour.... after 2 months i started dance aerobics 5 days a week - 1 hour , and walk twice a week 1 hour .
yes you are right it is a good idea to maximize this honeymoon period , of course i started loosing more weight after i added heavy work out.
but also keep in mind that you should stick to your protein ,water and vitamin regime.... that is most important....
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