I'm Baaaaack!!!!!

Jeanne T.
on 10/6/11 9:31 am
Hi Everyone,

Well the last time I was here it was depression as my ins said absolutely not.  So I proceeded to re-educate myself about the rny as I would not have the band.  So papers went into ins last Friday.  Got a call today from the Ins person at the hospital and she asked me what surgery I wanted and I was approved for all three!!!!!.    I said you have got to be kidding?  She said they called her today and said that as of the 1st of Sept they approved the Sleeve.  So I had my choice.  Could not believe it!!   So I am having the sleeve.  It's the one my surgeon wanted and the one I thought would be the best for me.  So here I am again and hopefully on the losers bench the first part of November.  What a roller coaster ride.  But I'm glad I'm on it.  By the way a quick question.  I'm over 50 and wondering if the weight loss is still as steady as it seems to be to those under 50.  Thanks again.

on 10/6/11 9:37 am - CA
So Happy For You!!!!!  In the forums menu there is a board for 40 's 50's etc.  I haven't tried them out but I'm sure you'll get some answers from this crowd about your sleeve after 50 question.  Good luck to you!
putting one foot in front of the other...        
on 10/6/11 10:10 am - Jacksonville, FL
I'm over 50 and lost 22 pounds since last Friday.
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on 10/6/11 10:23 am - Amityville, NY
over 55 lost 26 lbs since last wed. good luck go for it.