Needing help figuring out how serious are the weight limits on treadmills??

on 10/14/11 12:32 pm - SAN PABLO, CA
Hi all I have had my surgery and I am thinking about how to lose it the best way.  Well the weather is changing and I use public transportation so soon going out to walk everyday with my baby is almost over.  I have been looking into purchasing a treadmill, I dont have alot of money so the best time to probably get one is on black friday. Ok anyway so my question is I am over 350 pounds do the weight limit really count.  I am losing is my thought and soon will be smaller but I am seeing the more weight it takes the higher the price.  I would love to hear from all but especially from those with experience.
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on 10/14/11 12:40 pm - ME
I can't remember if the limit on our maxhine is 250 or 275.  A few years ago, I weighed several lbs more than the lomit and the treadmill started making a funny noise and not running well.  I stopped using it and haven't since, but it works just fine for those well under the limit.  I'm under the limit now, so plan on using it for my back-up on snowy days.

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on 10/14/11 12:46 pm - Granada Hills, CA
The treadmills at my gym said there is a limit of 400. I had no problems walking on it when I was 420. However, my TM at my apartment at my gym has a weight limit of 300 and I can't walk on - the belt skips and I almost fall off.

The cheaper lower weight ones are probably going cause problems if you are over the limit - an elliptical might be better since you dont have the issue with the belt. - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

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on 10/14/11 1:24 pm
Just be careful, wouldn't want you to get hurt. I would be very timid about using one that I was over the weight limit. I hope you find something to best suits your needs. Garage sales are wonderful places to find exercise equipment.

Have a blessed day!


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on 10/14/11 10:29 pm - West Warwick, RI
Do you have a planet fitness next to you its only $10 a month. Most Treadmills have a weight limit of 250-300lbs that are sold in stores. I checked last year because I wanted one. The ones at the gym are industrial so they hold more weight up to 400+ lbs.
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on 10/14/11 10:33 pm - GA
VSG on 03/21/12
Just throwing this out therer, but what about exercise videos? Leslie Sandsone has great walking videos called Walk A Way the Pounds. This would be a fun way for you and your baby to get some good exercise in until you come down on your weight some and can get a good treadmill. Just a thought....

Congrats on your weith lost thus far.
on 10/14/11 11:05 pm - NY
VSG on 04/02/12 with
I would google weight limit on treadmills or something similiar. When the list pops up jot it down,check the retail prices and if that particular machine goes on sale then great.
Yes, treadmills have a weight limit but the vary. When I was shopping for one many years ago, I just picked on that was on sale. Once I got to the store the sales man took one look at me and said this treadmill is much too light for you.....kinda embarassed,yeah ....but glad he did. He just brought me to another machine that would be better suited for my size. This was Sears. I still have it and it was only about 200 dollars more than the one I originally looked at. No th good part is my treadmill is waaay better than most and the speed is compared to the ones in the gym.
Glad I didnt get the cheaper one