8 months update - hard times and celebrations...

on 10/17/11 1:54 am - Round Rock, TX
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Well, today is my 8 month surgerversary and I am finally firmly in onederland at 192 - yay! 

I have had a rough couple months - on August 31st my GYN found a lump in my breast.  After tests, biopsies, scans and finally a lumpectomy on September 27th it was diagnosed as cancer.  That's one way to lose one's appetite. Anyway, fortunately it was found in at stage 1 and had not spread to any lymph nodes.  It was also small (1.4 cm) and very slow growing so I was approved for a short/intense round of radiation  which I completed last Friday.  I am currently cancer free although I will not be classified as cured until I am 5 years without a recurrence. I am also a bit anemic and my oncologist is trying to figure what needs to be done. I was prescribed an iron & multivitamin but have not been able to keep one down yet. I will try to take it with my meal (pita - since I will have to drink to get it down) to see if I can keep from getting violently ill.  Otherwise it may be iron infusions for me.

I am glad that the cancer is gone, and I am fortunate to not need chemo but my body is a wreck right now, especially my left breast, and so most of my energy is being spent on healing.

Did I mention I am in onederland - and cancer free??!!!

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on 10/17/11 2:01 am - Rock Island, IL
Wow, Sandy, I can only imagine the roller coaster you must have been on these last 8 months.  Congratulations on your entry to the magical world of Onederland, but most importantly congratulations on the success of your treatments.   The weight loss will help with your healing I bet, because you are eating cleaner now. 

Prayers coming your way for a speedy recovery!  Be good to you!

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on 10/17/11 2:05 am - CO
So glad to hear your cancer free!

And congrats on your weight loss!

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on 10/17/11 5:51 am
CONGRATS on 8 months (I'll be 8 mos. on the 23rd) and hitting ONEderland!

Sorry to hear about the cancer, ugh!! - at least they caught it and you don't have to have chemo though! I've had iron infusions and they're not really that bad - it helped me feel much better and it takes so little time (not like months of iron pills - I did 2 years of pills and my iron levels never really went up, but a few weeks of infusions and I felt great again).

Best of luck!! :)
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on 10/17/11 7:33 am
Congrats! So sorry you are going through this! Hey Im right around the corner from you in Hutto :)

on 10/17/11 9:37 am - Vancouver, WA
I too am a breast cancer survivor, just made my 5 years! Trust me this too will get better I know it took me weeks to really recover from my radiation treatments, just so tired all the time. Anyway I just want to let you know, in case you don't already, that insurance has to pay for breast reconstruction if you want it. Doesn't matter what your insurance coverage is they have to pay. You may want to wait till you've lost most of your weight then get it done. Altho I found out that if you have had radiation the surgeons can't do implants but they can make them closer to the same size. In a few years this will all just be an old memory. Hang in there and I promise it will get better every day!