Got sleeved

on 11/9/11 8:57 am - NJ
I just came home from the hospital. My surgery went well yesterday. Started my clear liquids today. So far doing ok. I am so happy that now I am going to be losing my weight and keeping it off!!!!

on 11/9/11 8:59 am
Yay! Glad you hear you are doing well..
Tomorrow is my day for my sleeve. I hope to be doing as well.
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on 11/9/11 9:01 am - NJ
Ty Julie! Let me know how you make out! I was scared to death but all went well!

Good Luck!!!

on 11/9/11 9:00 am - VA
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Welcome to the other side! I am glad you made it through w/o any complications. It can only get better from here!

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on 11/9/11 9:05 am - NJ
Ty!!! I am finally on the other side. (c: God Bless Take Care

on 11/9/11 9:35 am - WI
 Hey, i had my surgery Monday and just came home today. all went well my tummy is just a bit sore. Time for me to transform to a butterfly! Nice to be on the loser's bench with you.
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Amy D.
on 11/9/11 10:56 am
Same here sweetie, but I'm still in the Hospital!!! Dr is concerned a little bit about my low heart rate!    How"s your new tummy feeling with the liquids??  Mines feels funny!!  I just gotta get use to the way it feels!!
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on 11/9/11 1:10 pm - WI
 I must admit liquids feel a bit strange goin down I must sip slowly, I had 2 oz of cream chicken soup with a baby spoon and ate very slowly that felt good. I have to remember to sit up straight or stand when swallowing not being lazy laying in bed sippin, then it feels strange. I have a lot of gas bubbling around but it is not painful. I am so far finding things quite doable.
HW 314    SW 297 Thanks for the season Packers! 15-2!!
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on 11/9/11 12:05 pm - East Amherst, NY

I got sleeved on November 1 and felt better every day. Now I feel good enough to do some light errands and desk work! It is a grat feeling to have all of the tests, documents, and the surgery itself behind you!
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